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Sarah Palin Answers Her Accusers

Sarah Palin at a campaign rally in Raleigh, NC.

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The left wants Sarah Palin to scale back the rhetoric. The left leaning media doesn’t want their false accusations answered or their own hypocrisy exposed.

Does anyone out there ask —

How was Sarah Palin inserted into the conversation concerning the murders in Tucson?

Was it by her own doing?

Did she seek the media out and shout; blame me?

NO! She was dragged into the conversation by those who claimed she was inciting this type of violence.  Even before National Public Radio corrected its inaccurate report of Congresswoman Giffords death on Saturday, the left winged blogs and commentators were turning their attention to Sarah Palin.

If any of these fools actually viewed the entire clips of Sarah Palin’s speeches in which she used phrases like reload,  they would learn that she went on to explain that she meant no violence, that she was taking about taking aim at the ballot box.  I know, putting the comments in context, stifles the conclusion the media is trying to lead you to make.

What the left leaning folks can not stand about Sarah Palin, is that she doesn’t allow their claims and statements to go unchallenged. Sarah Palin does not, nor should she, back down.

It was the left, who short of flat-out accusation, implied that the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords was the fault of Sarah Palin.  The left leaning media and pundits, led by hate spewing loud mouths like Keith Olberman and Chris Mathews, wanted us to believe that the blood of the victims was on the former Governor’s hands.

Well, Sarah responded, and how better to convey images of a sordid present than by  utilizing images of a sordid past? With two words, BLOOD LIBEL, Sarah Palin captured exactly what the left attempted, and strangely enough, is still trying to create; an image that certain political words and speech, more specifically her’s,  spurred Jared Loughner onto a murderous rampage.

On the Pennsylvania Progressive blog, they write “Whether or not Jared Loughren was motivated by the RWHM is irrelevant.  Sooner or later someone would be.” After initial posts blaming the right-wing, complaining that no one from, as they call it, the right-wing hate machine, is taking responsibility, they are now suggesting that it doesn’t matter that the right was not responsible for this particular incident, because they will be responsible for something.

Even though the Pennsylvania Progressive folks acknowledge the right had nothing to do with this tragedy, they ask the question, “How many more nine-year old girls must be gunned down in our streets before we decide this isn’t healthy for our country?” The answer is the same number that were gunned down due to political speech in Tucson. 


What is the left’s answer to the threat that does NOT exist? Curbs on freedom of speech. This is the most frightening aspect of this entire debate.  To protect us from a non-threat — they simply want to surrender Constitutional rights and freedoms.

The Bill of Rights does not exist to protect only nice and pleasant speech. The main purpose of the freedom of speech clause was to protect political speech; including speech with which you disagree or find distasteful.

I applaud Sarah Palin.  She waited an appropriate period of time, for which many on the left claimed she was retreating, and she emerged with compassionate words and then, rightfully so, called out those who attacked her.

Political speech, lack of civil discourse, vitriol, venom or public anger did not cause this tragedy.

One man caused this tragedy —- the one man who pulled the trigger!



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