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Tiger Woods

The growing speculation over Tiger Woods’ auto accident is unfortunate. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Woods, his ability and his business acumen, however I am perplexed at why he is allowing this story to rage out of control.

We are a celebrity obsessed society and this obsession allows Mr. Woods the ability to earn large sums of money from endorsements. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries to avoid it; Tiger Woods the private citizen will become intertwined with the public persona that has allowed him to amass over one billion dollars in earning. The Tiger Woods camp should take a lesson from political mis-steps of the past. “The cover-up, whether genuine or simply perceived,  is much worse.”

If it was simply an auto accident, say so. If it was the result of an argument over salacious reports in the tabloids just say something to the effect:

There have been reports in the tabloids about myself and another individual. These reports naturally upset my wife and our discussion ended up becoming uncomfortable. I was leaving the house to allow a little time and distance to gather perspective when the auto accident occurred. I ask that everyone respect my privacy and allow my family to work out this situation. Thank you.

If it was something not yet reported then Mr. Woods needs to be the one to tell it.

Most in the media and most sports fans respect Tiger Woods and the above statement would end much of the hoopla. Sure there would remain some speculation, but the fact is that in a few weeks time the majority would be over and Mr. Woods and his family would be left in relative peace. The no talking policy, if continued, will only make matters worse.

No one is immune from life’s pitfalls. No matter what the situation is I wish Mr. Woods and his family well and I sincerely hope that that Mr. Woods’ health is fine.

Joe Leonardi


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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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