Fat Then Fit Now is Launched

Fat Then Fit Now

Fat Then Fit Now

We are starting clients this week… Hours will be availabe on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Call 570 718 1500.   Please see http://fatthenfitnow.com/Packages.html for costs…

Utilizing the 3 D’s I will help take you from Fat Then to Fit Now….

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One response to “Fat Then Fit Now is Launched

  1. Mathew Kester

    I need to know your secret and how you did this! What an awesome inspiration! I used to be a fighter, boxer and Ju Jitsu student (MMA) when I was younger. I had some things happen a few years ago that caused me to put on the pounds. Anyway, thank you for helping Kelly out with her back and neck. She steered me to your page and I think we found you on Facebook? Well, God bless you and awesome for putting that page up! You may have started a new career on the side, weight loss secrets? Hmmm..

    Mathew John Kester

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