Sarah Palin, The Next Vice-President of the United States

Sarah Palin: Not so tall, but oh so strong

by: Joe Leonardi

The republican party went and did it. The democrats spurned not only the first female presidential candidate, but they rejected the opportunity to put a woman on the ticket period.

The republican party, led by independent maverick John McCain, went and made history. John McCain shocked most of the entire world with the announcement that the little known Alaskan Governor was going to ride shotgun with him all the way to the White House.

Well, I for one am not surprised. I am ecstatic, elated and excited!
I have been on the verge of changing my voter registration to either Independent, Libertarian or the American Conservative Party for the last few months. Dismayed, dejected and disheartened by what the neo-conservatives have done to my beloved GOP — this was my last hope. I have been proclaiming to all who would listen, “if John McCain picks anyone other than Governor Palin — I am out.”

John McCain the straight talking politician, combat veteran, prisoner of war and hero is once again — heroic.

Many folks are wondering; who is Sarah Palin?

A simple Google search will reveal much.

Watch her first speech with John McCain and applaud as I did.

Those who tuned into the convention Wednesday night were blown away.
And for the last week the democrats and liberals have been bullying Sarah Palin, in the words of Joe Biden she went back out and bloodied their noses. Congratulations Vice-President Palin.

Many have decried her lack of foreign policy experience; perhaps, a valid point. However, I wonder, other than evading the draft and getting drunk at Oxford, how much foreign policy experience did a little known governor from the state of Arkansas have prior to his election?

Governor Palin presides over a state that produces vast amounts of oil, and now because of her initiative and leadership, natural gas. What did Governor Clinton preside over? A substandard educational system?

Compare Governor Palin to Senator Biden: If the American people were so enthralled with the partially plagiarized writings and speeches of what appeared to be perennial presidential pursuer Joe Biden — why is it that in several attempts to be elected president, the Senator from Delaware has never, ever been given even passing consideration from his own party? Joe Biden has been summarily sent sulking to the scrap heap time and time again.

Sarah Palin is a woman who carved her own path to political prestige, she didn’t need to rely on the coattails of a politically successful husband. She has risen to the Governor’s mansion on her own terms, on her own steam. On the way she has looked the power players of Alaska in directly in the eye — and they are the ones who blinked.

Will the disaffected Hilary Clinton voters turn to Sarah Palin? The argument has been made that on many matters, especially abortion, the two are polar opposites. That the question of abortion most prominently will keep the Hilary voters away from Sarah. Well, then people do not understand the working class democrats in Northeast Pennsylvania. Most of the democrats who were going to turn to Hilary, were going to give the Senator a pass on abortion. You see, the democrats here in NEPA are mostly pro-life. I know, I met over twenty five thousand of them when I ran for Congress in 2006. The number one question asked of me was: Are you pro-life?

The misogynistic, misguided members of the democratic party have tried to minimize her utilizing sexist, derogatory, disrespectful dismissive terminology. Senator Biden identified the difference between the two by stating that she is good looking. WILK morning talk show host Kevin Lynn stated that she was just some girl McCain chose.

John McCain and Sarah Palin will bring to the White House something that has been sadly missed for the last eight years — a parents’ love for a military member in harms way. Both will have children serving in the Middle Eastern war zone. They will have a connection to all military families who have lost and may lose their children in combat. They will have a vested interest that many others in our country share.

That connection, that interest, that love — will ensure they act with deliberate consideration in future actions that will put our brave military men and women into battle.

Is Sarah Palin qualified to be Vice President? Is Sarah Palin ready to be President?


Leadership is not defined solely by experience. Leadership is not defined solely by qualifications.

Leadership is defined by intangibles such as character, fortitude and integrity. Sarah Palin in her time in elected office has demonstrated those traits.

When the legislative body of her state threatened her with investigation, Governor Palin said — investigate me.

When the cowardly anonymous liberal bloggers made the malicious allegation that her baby was actually her daughter’s, Governor Palin told of her family situation and how they were going to handle it.

In my run for Congress, Rich Connor during my editorial board interview asked me about the Republican party’s handling of the Mark Foley scandal. I answered, “I am glad that I am not going to D.C. To be a Chiropractor, because there would not be many spines to work on.” Sarah Palin will bring a spine to D.C..

Governor Sarah Palin did not evade, did not duck, did not parry — Governor Palin did not wave her index finger at the American people and tell a boldface lie. She did not send her spouse out to decry a vast left wing conspiracy. No Sarah Palin faced her challenges head on.

That is the trait that we need in our leaders.

That is the trait that Sarah Palin will bring to the Vice-Presidency.

That is the trait that in the future Vice-President Palin will one day bring to the Presidency.

by: Joe Leonardi


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8 responses to “Sarah Palin, The Next Vice-President of the United States

  1. Proof once again that when presented with a Conservative, people respond! I am very impressed with Sarah and surprised, pleasantly, with John McCain: I didn’t think he had it in him.

    It also shows the depth of my ignorance not to have known more about her earlier. Maybe you can help me in that area in the future?

  2. Hi Tracy,
    I agree 100%. Politically we may be witnessing the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan.

    I am impressed with McCain on this as well. I thought he had been co-oped by the Bush inner circle. Hopefully soon he will purge them from his campaign, now that he sees the results from bringing in a true Conservative and not a NeoCon.

    Whatever I can do to help, just drop me a note.

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the dialogue


  3. Kurt

    McCaine is a joke, he did more harm in voting doen benefits for vets tahn you can shake a stick at. Sarah Palin is a joke. Again the republicans show their hypocrisy to the American voters. She was for the bridge before she opposed it, becaus eeveryone was against it. She didn’t return the money, she spent it somewhere else. She had a lobbyst obtain $27M in pork for her town of 9,000 people. BOR has the balls to call Zoey Spears parents pinheads, yet gives her a pass over her pregnant daughter. Carl Rove talsk about how she was the mayor of the secong laregst city in ALASKA (pop.9,000) yet blast others from coming from larger cities. Look at her expense reports. Go heli hunt moose, talk in tongues in church & won’t accept Gays. She is the do as I say not as I do. I’d take a back woods snake handlin’ God fearing person over her anyday. Do I sound bitter, no!! Pisses me off that the Holier than thou republicans think she can change water into wine. Time to start playing your God, Guns & Gays election cards. Good luck.

  4. Joe

    WASILLA, Alaska – The McCain campaign is defending Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s much-criticized inquiry into banning books at her hometown library, saying her questions were only hypothetical.

    Shortly after taking office in 1996 as mayor of Wasilla, a city of about 7,000 people, Palin asked the city’s head librarian about banning books. Later, the librarian was notified by Palin that she was being fired, although Palin backed off under pressure.

    Palin alleged attempt at book-banning has been a matter of intense interest since Republican presidential nominee John McCain named her as his running mate last month.

    Taylor Griffin, a spokesman for the McCain campaign, said Thursday that Palin asked the head librarian, Mary Ellen Emmons, on three occasions how she would react to attempts at banning books. He said the questions, in the fall of 1996, were hypothetical and entirely appropriate. He said a patron had asked the library to remove a title the year before and the mayor wanted to understand how such disputes were handled.

    Records on the city’s Web site, however, do not show any books were challenged in Wasilla in the 10 years before Palin took office.

    Palin notified Emmons she would be fired in January 1997 because the mayor didn’t feel she had the librarian’s “full support.” Emmons was reinstated the next day after public outcry, according to newspaper reports at the time.

    Still, one longtime library staffer recalls that the run-in made everyone fear for their jobs.

    “Mayor Palin gave us some terrible moments and some rather gut-wrenching moments, particularly when Mary Ellen said she was going to have to leave,” said Cathy Petrie, who managed the children’s collection at the time.

    Recent outrage has been fueled by Wasilla housewife Anne Kilkenny, whose 2,400-word critique of Palin’s legacy as mayor is widely posted on the Internet. Kilkenny described Palin’s actions as “out-and-out censorship.”

    But the McCain campaign, in a statement, said the charge “is categorically false … Governor Sarah Palin has never asked anyone to ban a book, period.”

    Emmons, a former Alaska Library Association president who now goes by Mary Ellen Baker, did not return calls seeking comment.

    According to the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman newspaper, Emmons did not mince words when Palin asked her “how I would deal with her saying a book can’t be in the library” on Oct. 28, 1996, in a week when the mayor had asked department heads for letters of resignation.

    “She asked me if I would object to censorship, and I replied ‘Yup’,” Emmons told a reporter. “And I told her it would not be just me. This was a constitutional question, and the American Civil Liberties Union would get involved, too.”

    The Rev. Howard Bess, a liberal Christian preacher in the nearby town of Palmer, said the church Palin and her family attended until 2002, the Wasilla Assembly of God, was pushing to remove his book from local bookstores.

    Emmons told him that year that several copies of “Pastor I Am Gay” had disappeared from the library shelves, Bess said.

    “Sarah brought pressure on the library about things she didn’t like,” Bess said. “To believe that my book was not targeted in this is a joke.”

    Other locals said the dust-up had been blown out of proportion.

    “That was many years ago and Sarah never had any intention to ban books,” said David Chappel, who served as Palin’s deputy mayor for three years. “There were some vocal people in the minority, and it looks like they’re still out there.”

    Jim Rettig, who heads the American Library Association based in Richmond, Va., suggested that lingering quarrel raises issues that are still relevant as librarians prepare to celebrate Banned Books Week later this month.

    “Librarians are very committed to the principles of the First Amendment of the Constitution and that means we don’t allow one individual or a group of people to dictate what people can or cannot read,” he said. “Most librarians if they got that sort of a question would be curious as to what the intent of the questioner was.”

  5. I agree that Proof once again that when presented with a Conservative, people respond.chiropractorneed a good treatment to make sure that this disease is not curable. Keep up the good work.

  6. dj

    In Sarah Palin you will get the vice president you deserve if you vote for her. She is toxic to the whole planet in her wanton and wilful misunderstanding of global warming. The fact that she wants to drill up the whole of ANWAR, has lied repeatedly and believes she is above the law…does this not concern you? I live in the UK and a joke like this would not even get on the ballot paper.

  7. mommynotes

    I love your post on Sarah Palin. I was not to thrilled with John McCain initially. I voted for Huckabee but after the Saddleback debate I did get fired up for McCain. He is an honorable man and I know he can reform our gov’t. I absolutely love Sarah Palin. She truly is a breath of fresh air. I love that she is a plain spoken as they say. I believe she is much more qualified than Joe Biden or Obama. I don’t know why running a state is less experience than a community organizer. There are many governors that have run for President and won. I don’t like the direction that Obama wants to take this country in. I like the fact that Palin is a different kind of feminist. She has been raked over the coals time and time again yet she still stands. I admire that. If you even criticize Obama, it is a bad day for you. I just saw an interview with a reporter that asked very valid questions and Biden kept asking if they lady was joking. His answers were ridiculous and he canceled a later interview because he thought the reporter was too hard on him. What do you think being president is going to be like a walk int he park. There is a saying if you cannot take the heat get out of the kitchen. McCain and Palin have been tried and tested time and time again yet they are still standing full of dignity and honor. I just hear complaints and lawsuits every time Obama is questioned or tested. Thank you for your post.

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