Sarah Palin: Not so tall, but oh so strong

Sarah Palin: Not so tall, but oh so strong

by: Joe Leonardi

  • In response to many emails this is a rough draft.  I will have it finished by Wednesday.  Joe

The republican party went and did it. As the democrats rejected not only the first women presidential candidate, but the opportunity to put a woman on the ticket period. The republican party led by independent maverick John McCain made history.

John McCain shocked most of the entire world with his announcement of the little known Alaska Governor to ride shotgun with him on his way to the White House. Well, I for one am not surprised. Actually I am thrilled. I have been on the verge of changing my voter registration to either Independent, Libertarian or the American Conservative Party for the last few months. Dismayed and disheartened by what the neo-conservatives have done to my beloved GOP this was my last hope. I have been proclaiming to all that would listen that if John McCain picked anyone other than Governor Palin I was out.

John McCain the straight talking combat veteran, prisoner of war and hero is once again heroic.

Many folks are wondering who is Sarah Palin. A simple google search will reveal much.

Many have decried her lack of foreign policy experience. Perhaps a valid point, but I wonder, other than evading the draft and getting drunk at Oxford, how much foreign policy experience did a little known governor from the state of Arkansas have prior to his election? Governor Palin presides over a state that produces vast amounts of oil, and now thanks to her initiative and leadership, natural gas. What did Governor Clinton preside over? A substandard educational system?

Compare Governor Palin to Senator Biden: If the American people were so enthralled with the partially plagiarized writings and speeches of what seemed to be perennial presidential pursuer of Joe Biden, why is it that in several attempts to be elected president the elder Governor from Delaware has never, ever been given even passing consideration from his own party? He has never been a serious contender.

Sarah Palin is a woman who carved her own path to political prestige, she didn’t need to rely on the coattails of a politically successful husband.

  • to be continued….



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5 responses to “Sarah Palin: Not so tall, but oh so strong

  1. Please, do a google search. You will find that every single page and/or link that has anything to do with Palin and her Joel’s Army splinter church has been “updated” since Friday.
    Her splinter church is still technically a member of the AoG, but we all know what “THE CALL” is really about.
    Don’t we?…

  2. I never took a shot at Barack Obama’s Church or religious convictions, nor do I think it appropriate to do here. Freedom of religion is so sacred that it is the 1st amendment to the constitution. Also the Constitution forbids religious litmus tests. I do not use it as one in my decision making process.. However I respect your right to do so.

  3. Her group is bent on turning America into a theocracy by for if necessary.
    You say the Constitution forbids litmus tests.
    Her people want to change that. They would use violence in order to change that. Their motto, “Vengeance is OURS!”, scares me. Doesn’t it scare you?

  4. I heart Sara Palin! I couldn’t be happier that McCain picked her!

  5. Hi 4leslie,

    I like the Governor’s politics and the way she has handled herself. Her religion is hers to chose, just like yours is or anyone else’s. Or chose not to believe, the choice is to the individual. I don’t need to do a google search on Trinity United or Rev. Wright, I am very familiar with both, however, I have not and will not engage in religious bigotry or hatred. I respect Sen. Obama’s personal choices.

    Again I respect your right to disagree and use someone’s Church or beliefs in making a decision.

    And by the way, as far as being scared, after 5 years in the Navy, many professional and personal obstacles to overcome and many unexpected losses in my life: very little scares me.

    I refuse to waste my life ruled by fear.

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the dialogue.


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