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How Liberalism Leads to Slavery

How Liberalism Leads to Slavery

“I fear that giving mankind a dependence on anything for support in age or sickness, besides industry and frugality during youth and health, tends to flatter our natural indolence, to encourage idleness and prodigality, and thereby to promote and increase poverty, the very evil it was intended to cure.” Ben Franklin

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”
Patrick Henry

“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”
James Madison

How Liberalism Leads to Slavery
by: Joe Leonardi

Liberalism is a scourge of modern society.

How dare I make such a bold statement!

Unfortunately the mantra of entitlement espoused by progressives is slowly leading the United States into an inescapable abyss. The liberals hide their treachery in the promotion of human kindness. They claim that their interests are only what is best for the common people. Their subterfuge hides a more sinister outcome.

The destruction of the humankind’s independent spirit.

A recurring theme throughout American history is that of the rugged individual — the belief that most people, unencumbered by an oppressive government not only can, but desire to provide for themselves. In today’s nanny state this sense of independence, this sense of individualism is slowly, surely, strategically being destroyed.

There are two primary questions —  how and why?

The why is easy; pure, unmitigated power. Through dependence, the liberal seeks to control the masses. It is much the way many of history’s most tyrannical despots ruled their countries. While the likes of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler used fear and intimidation to keep their political opponents silent, they also fostered government reliance to keep the populace in check and enslaved.

The how is a little more complicated and, in my opinion, much more malevolent. Liberals, since the progressive era, have chosen Robin Hood economics to demolish the American dream and break the American spirit. Early 20th century progressives sought to steal from the most productive citizens and give their money, transferring it unearned, to the least productive. To accomplish this they required the power to tax all income. To ensure unbridled authority to take from the rich and give to the poor, the progressive movement introduced, passed, ratified and enacted the Sixteenth Amendment. Congress was given the authority to wet their beaks and in less than half of a century the American government abolished slavery over a portion of the population and reintroduced it over the whole.

In the beginning, this was sold as a tax on only the wealthy. Sound familiar? Of course,  it does, because to gain popular support liberals, then and now, vilify those who create wealth and earn large incomes, often ignoring the fact that those are the same who create jobs.

Of course, the rich are not the only ones taxed. The ability to tax income shackles the American earner at every rung of the economic ladder. The harder we work, the more we earn, the more we are extorted to give the federal government their cut. Taxation is the means the government utilizes to enslave the middle and high wage earners, entrepreneurs and job creators.

Most everyday folks don’t care what happens to these people, because liberals indoctrinate them into the belief that rich people don’t deserve what they have, thus, they must be compelled to share their earnings. What the believers of this fallacy do not realize is that they too are being enslaved by the liberal ruling class.



Utilizing the above method the lower classes become tacit wards of the state, forever trapped in poverty, begging the omnipotent liberal government to provide for their needs.

In the liberal mind, we are unable to make the appropriate decisions concerning our own lives or our own welfare. Awash in the justification that they must force us to do what is best for ourselves, they go forth to legislate personal conduct. The elitist that populate the liberal leaning mind set are, in their own minds, all knowing. To be good citizens, we must be automatons — blindly, blissfully following their educated, egalitarian ways. Of course, to be considered equal, you must embrace their self aggrandizing viewpoint.

One of our local, lofty, liberal talk show hosts has often opined that we need government to control our lives. Yes, he actually states that.

To paraphrase, he has said that since citizens are unwilling to live the right way, it was up to government to persuade us. He is in favor of smoking bans in eateries, not solely for the health of those who work in the restaurant industry, but to stop people from smoking — period. If it were up to him the tobacco industry CEO’s would be imprisoned.

He intimated that the government should tell people how much they should weigh and how physically fit they should be. Since people were unable to make the right decisions, government must make those decisions.

To the liberals, laws should go beyond protecting the public safety. Laws, under the control of government, should determine the way free citizens conduct their daily lives. From purchasing health insurance, to parenting, to education, to morals, to religion, to body habitus — it is the liberal, via the regime, who decides for everyone.

What egomaniacal motivation allows one to think that no one is entitled to make their own mistakes? Take their own chances? Live their lives within the law? What mind set seeks to control others down to the minutia of what condiment a person tops a sandwich? Don’t laugh, with the passage of the recent health care legislation, these extreme examples may one day become reality.

It is an inalienable right that we be allowed the option to find our own way. However, to the liberal, that can not stand. They demand that if we do not willingly choose to learn from their innate, intelligent, insight — then under the omnipotent, oppressive, ominous hand of government our will must be broken.

The liberal defenders of freedom only believe in freedom, if it agrees with their doctrine of cohesive, communal behavior. They do not simply imply they know what is best for everyone, they are fanatically convinced that they are correct. If those of us, who embrace living in a free society, don’t abide by their definition of what is best, then they demand government should be the instrument, under fines and penalty of law, to force it upon us. You must realize that they genuinely belive that government has a responsibility to control us —the stupid, simple, unenlightened, uninformed, muddled masses.

I am often baffled, that the same group of ideologues who strongly believe it is a woman’s right to murder an in utero baby, are so interested in controlling people once they are born.

Does anyone not get the connection, that controlling the masses, for our own good or not, is government sanctioned slavery? How many times have groups of people been told that their confinement and restrictions were for their own good?

We must politically defeat those who want to shackle us! We must reignite the fire that existed at the birth of our great nation! We must prevent the destruction of autonomy. We must embrace the emphatic proclamation of Patrick Henry. We must demand liberty!

Locally, we have a talk show host who wants free health care, free swimming, free skateboard parks, free everything for everyone. Well — nothing is free. The hard working income earners and producers will be over-taxed to provide these gratis services.

The simple truth that these liberal slave masters don’t want you do know is that the more you are given, the less you have.

Soon the United States will resemble much of Europe.

Upward mobility will be a thing of the past.

People will be locked into the class to which they are born.

Those that do not earn their way in our society will be placated with all the basic necessities of life. Their ability and desire to provide for themselves will no longer matter. They will have been stripped of inherent traits that made America, and Americans, the envy of the world.

When Stalin died much of the free world rejoiced in the departure of a ruthless, cold-blooded tyrant. However, the populace of the former Soviet Union wept in fear. They cried out, “who will take care of us?” They did not need to be beaten into submissive servitude. No, they were conciliated into it.

Will this be our dreadful, dire destiny? Do we yearn to be hand fed from cradle to grave; or do we “yearn to breathe free?”

When did adversity, hardship and struggle become dirty words? I want the opportunity to succeed or fail based upon my decisions, based upon my drive, based upon my actions. I want the freedom to live my life unrestrained by government sanctioned slavery. Don’t you?

Beware the modern, moderated, boisterous beatnik beating the drum for a free, fanciful, easy existence, because the cost of  free — is freedom.

Joe Leonardi



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