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That’s all folks…..

For those of you who check here on a regular basis you have noticed that I haven’t written in quite awhile. I have been busy with my life in the world, expanding my business and teaching. Additionally to all that is going on, by request I have designed and will teach a political science class for one of the local colleges.

With my schedule being what it is, I will not be posting here for the foreseeable future. I still plan to contribute at least one column a month to The Pennsylvania Republican, I will also be writing on a fibromyalgia related blog that I will be starting in the near future.

Between this blog and running for Congress I had the pleasure to make many new friends. I wish you all the best of luck in your continued efforts. At the risk of omitting anyone I would like to mention a few folks:

Gort, he keeps a very active blog and has scooped the local papers on more than a few occasions. Exposure on Gort’s site led to many readers of mine. I will continue to read, but since I am returned to the life of a private citizen I will no longer be commenting.

The Yonk, Dave is a class act and a well of local political history, I will be trying to get him as a guest lecturer for my political science course.

Don, The Susquehanna River Sentinel, he showed that one man, with a will of iron, can take on the big guys and win.

Sue Henry, I can never say enough good about Sue. She gave me plenty of opportunities to get my message out during the campaign, and was never hesitant to ask me the tough questions. I have enjoyed keeping in touch in the years since the campaign and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Nancy Kman, programming director extraordinaire and WIK’s morning voice of reason. Thank you for the chance to guest host when Kevin was on vacation. I had a great time and if you ever have need again in the future— I will make the time. Her bravery battling cancer in the public eye should be an inspiration to all.

Steve Corbett, Steve and I could not be more politically opposed, however we have developed a phone (both on and off the air) and email acquaintanceship, one I hope becomes a long lasting friendship, since he has returned to the area. I have enjoyed our conversations, it is a demonstration that when people with opposing positions actually listen to one another — they discover that they have the same goals. YOU BETTER TALK!

To everyone else, I sincerely thank you for reading and I thank you for commenting.

Until we meet again;

Keep up the Dialogue

Dr. Joseph F. Leonardi



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