Corbett Called it!

Corbett Called It!

by: Joe Leonardi

WILK afternoon radio host, Steve Corbett, has been saying for weeks that PA will decide the Democratic Primary and after last night he just may be right. I mean correct.

Pennsylvania is now, most definitely, in play.

I thought last night it was going to be over for Senator Clinton.

I was wrong.

Senator Clinton has family roots here in Northeast Pennsylvania and many will consider her their own. That can have serious implications in our primary in April.

It is going to heat up here in the Keystone State and those of us who love politics are salivating. It is going to be interesting and fun.

Steve Corbett has been talking about this web site:

I give Steve props and credit; he has not given up on his candidate Senator Clinton and now it appears Senator Obama may have lost his momentum.

Don’t miss Corbett on WILK radio weekdays from 3 to 7pm. His blog, Corbett’s Corner, is linked on my blog roll. If you are interested in politics tune in your radio and:


Congratulations on this call Steve.

Joe Leonardi

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One response to “Corbett Called it!

    Congratulations on this call Steve….

    What did he call ??? The DimRATS still didn’t pick one. BTW, Steve Corbett Sucks.

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