How Liberalism Leads to Slavery Part II

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”
Patrick Henry

“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”
James Madison

How Liberalism Leads to Slavery Part II
by: Joe Leonardi

In Part One I discussed how liberals, to enslave the American people, have ingeniously implemented the income tax . Now, I am going to discuss how liberals are trying to legislatively lock the chains of slavery.

In the liberal mind, we are unable to make the appropriate decisions concerning our own lives or our own welfare. Awash in the justification that they have to “force” us to do what is best for ourselves, they go forth to legislate personal conduct. The elitist that populate the liberal leaning mind set are, in their own minds, all knowing. To be good citizens, we must be automatons — blindly, blissfully following their educated, egalitarian ways. Of course, to be considered equal, you must embrace their self aggrandizing viewpoint.

One of our local, lofty, liberal talk show hosts opined the other day that we need government to control our lives. Yes, he actually said that.

To paraphrase, he stated that since citizens are unwilling to live the right way, it was up to government to persuade us. He is in favor of smoking bans in eateries, not solely for the health of those who work in the restaurant industry, but to stop people from smoking, period. If it were up to him the tobacco industry CEO’s would be imprisoned.

He intimated that the government should tell people how much they should weigh and how physically fit they should be. Since people were unable to make the right decisions, government must make those decisions.

To the liberals, laws should go beyond protecting the public safety. Laws, under the control of government, should determine the way free citizens conduct their daily lives. From parenting, to education, to morals, to religion, to body habitus — it is the liberal, via the regime, who decides for everyone.

What egomaniacal motivation allows one to think that no one is entitled to make their own mistakes? Take their own chances? Live their lives within the law? What mind set wants to control others down to the minutia of what condiment a person tops a sandwich?

We should be allowed the option to find our own way. However, to the liberal, that can not stand. They demand that if we do not willingly choose to learn from their innate, intelligent, insight — then under the omnipotent, oppressive, ominous hand of government our will must be broken.

The liberal defenders of freedom only believe in freedom, if it agrees with their doctrine of cohesive, communal behavior. They do not simply imply they know what is best for everyone, they are fanatically convinced that they are correct. If those of us, who embrace living in a free society, don’t abide by their definition of “what is best,” then they demand government should be the instrument to force it upon us. Because, according to them, government has a responsibility to control us, the stupid, simple, unenlightened, uninformed masses.

I am often baffled, that the same group of ideologues who strongly believe it is a woman’s right to murder an in utero baby, are so interested in controlling people once they are born.

Does anyone not get the connection, that controlling the masses, for our own good or not, is government sanctioned slavery? How many times have groups of people been told that, their confinement and restrictions were for their own good?

We must defeat those who want to shackle us! We must reignite the fire that existed at the birth of our great nation! We must prevent the destruction of autonomy. We must embrace the emphatic proclamation of Patrick Henry. We must demand liberty!

Joe Leonardi



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3 responses to “How Liberalism Leads to Slavery Part II

  1. Michael Edmund

    Joe, Having read this post I’m compelled to ask you the following question. What is your stand on abortion? It would seem from the tenor of the above post that the Government has no place in usurping that decision from the citizenry along with being the “decider” on the other issues you touch upon.
    You state,”We should be allowed the option to find our own way.” It would seem at first glance that without certain caveats such a stance would be problematic. Among the functions of Government is the responsibility to legislate laws which, in theory, are for the common good of the people. Although many would agree in principle to being allowed to find our own way, a situation in which each individual in a society is completely allowed to find his/her own way is commonly referred to as anarchy.
    In reading your post I can’t help but sense you are presenting Government as being a power hungry entity which is diametrically opposed to the free will of the people. In a representative democracy the Government is, in theory, elected officials expressing the desires of the people, their constituents , after having been empowered to do so by decree of the population as expressed by the concensus determined through holding free elections.
    My point begs the following question. Since the Government (of the people,by the people, for the people) is in actuality simply an expression of the peoples free will , albiet by concensus, is it really Government that is the bane of individual freedom in our society, or is it just particular laws brought about by Government that you deem “Liberal” in essence that are the problem? This leads to a particularly murky distinction as to making a determination as to what, if any, are the limitations of Government involvement in the everyday lives of it’s citizens. Government with a Conservative / Independent flavor would be favorable , whereas any Government which is Liberal in odor (as deemed by some yet to be determined arbiter) would be deemed inappropriate, evil, no good, etc. It would be fabulous to have it both ways, but it would seem that we cannot.
    So this brings me back to my original query, which you did somewhat touch upon in your post, that being, where do you stand on abortion? It’s interesting that one of the most incendiary issues of the time would illustrate the complexity and fragility of the role of Government in our lives. It seems nearly impossible to find the answer to an equation with two variables (Gov. involvement vs laisez -faire ) much less one compounded by additional variables of morality/religious beliefs/ethics. I’ll be interested to read your response.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I am anti abortion. Government has a role, in my opinion it should be a limited role. While I believe in the rights of the citizenry and the individual, I believe that one of the most important roles of government is the protection of life from wanton murder.
    I do not take this as a religious view, my opinion is formed on my education. In embryologic development mitosis and meiosis begin almost immediately after implantation of the fertilized egg. The nuerological system completes at approximately day 20 and the cardiovascular system approximately completes at about day 21 after implantation.
    I do not believe it is the right of any one to take another’s life. Life of one, above all, should be protected from the intentional destruction by another person.
    Taking a stab at your next question I oppose the death penalty as well.

    Thank you for the comment and keep up the dialogue.


  3. Michael Edmund

    I understand your rationale with respect to explaining your abortion stance. But I must opine that at 21 days only the most rudamentary expression of the nuerological system is present. The same can be said of the cardiovascular system. To state that it is complete or approximately complete is somewhat misleading. I understand, nonetheless, that your opinion is that to whatever extent of development with respect to those systems at that point, you feel that it is “life” with all the inherent rights that are afforded to any other person. The question of when life actually begins can certainly be argued and perhaps one persons truth is not that of the next. I would agree that life begins at the time of conception . At the same time I have room in my position to respect the fact that others may not feel that to be their truth. Whether that is a truth born of convienience is another matter entirely. (I’ll assume you know where I am going with that).
    For me it boils down to whether it is right to make that decision for someone else. It could also be argued that someone who opts for abortion has essentially made the choice for the unborn child which does not possess the ability to excercise a choice. Personally, I am not in favor of abortion but at the same time I respect the right of a woman to choose for herself as to whether to have an abortion or not. This is one area in which I certainly agree with you that Government should have no say in mandating a choice for an individual.

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