Why Lou Barletta Should Not Run For Congress

“I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it.” President George W. Bush

DCCC cash on hand $46,494,438.30
NRCC cash on hand $22,594,563.55

* as of Oct. 2007

Why Lou Barletta Should Not Run For Congress
by: Joe Leonardi

Republicans are more than likely going to lose more seats in 2008. Throughout the country President Bush has destroyed our party unity. All you have to do is look at the cash on hand and donations coming into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee compared to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Mayor Lou Barletta — this is not the time, in a democratic district, to take on a democratic incumbent.

To break it down:

– According to FEC filings the Barletta for Congress committee is still in debt about one hundred fifty thousand dollars. Kanjorski’s committee has over 1.2 million dollars on hand. No matter what Lou raises, he is still over 1.3 million dollars down.

– The DCCC is not going to let a senior house member go without a major fight. The money that the DCCC will pour into the 11th will be astronomical. The NRCC will not have the money to fight back.

– Lou has made quite a splash with his stance on illegal immigration. However, Congressman Tom Tancredo has been more vocal and more effective. Tancredo actually helped kill the amnesty bill in the Congress. Has that translated into more support for his presidential bid? If immigration was the end all and be all of national politics, Tom Tancredo would be a top tier candidate in the presidential primary race. Is he?

– The big issues against Kanjorski are nepotism and cronyism. In Luzerne County the voters simply do not care. The money to the Kanjorski nephews was an issue in 2002 and 2006. Cronyism was an issue in the Luzerne County Commissioners race. However each and every time the incumbent democrat won. The fact is, that in Luzerne County, the voters don’t care about cronyism.

The 11th congressional district is more than just Luzerne County.

– Lackawanna County’s republican precincts went democratic in the last commissioner’s race. Granted, many of these precincts were in the 10th, but that only emphasizes the dissatisfaction. Most precincts in the 11th are democratic. If they are angry with republicans, does anyone think, that over one issue they are going to turn republican?

– Monroe County, for the first time in years, has elected democratic majority commissioners.

– Carbon County is a democratic stronghold. Kanjorski is very highly thought of there.

– Columbia County, which is probably the most conservative county, has strongly supported congressman Kanjorski. He has currently promised a levy system on the banks of the river. His seniority, being a member of the majority party and his accomplishments with the levy system up river, will all but assure continued support.

– On two major issues; abortion and gun control, Congressman Kanjorski is solidly in line with the voters in his district. He has received high ratings from the National Right to Life Committee and National Rifle Association. These are huge issues in Northeast Pennsylvania, and with no difference between candidates, most are likely to stick with their party.

– There is no conservative at the top of the republican ticket. Translated — on election day conservatives will stay home. The myth that Hilary Clinton will push conservatives to the polls is one that should not be counted on. If anything, after eight years of President Bush, it is my belief that Democrats will turn out in force to ensure the election of, along with a democratic house and senate, a democratic president.

– Finally, the Mayor’s experience is in the executive branch. In my opinion, Lou Barletta should run for either Governor or Lieutenant Governor. Congress would be a waste of his leadership qualities and abilities. In the House of Representatives he becomes one voice in a sea of four hundred thirty five. He will be a freshman in the minority party. He is not going to be given any committee assignments to raise his profile. If anything, with the democrats in control, he will be minimized and probably never get anywhere near a committee that has anything to do with immigration. Additionally, the democrats will likely cut off funds to much of his district. By freezing out “Congressman” Barletta, it ensures that in two years the seat will go back to the Democrats.

Mayor Barletta is a good, decent honorable man. If he chooses to run he will have my vote. However, presently he possesses secure, salient, powerful political capital. If he opts to misspend it — it will be Lou Barletta’s parting, political swan song.

Joe Leonardi



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20 responses to “Why Lou Barletta Should Not Run For Congress

  1. t.g.


    Valuable insight. Thanks.

  2. Joe, The NRCC is is in a lot worst shape than the numbers you posted. From Real Clear Politics:

    The NRCC pulled in $3.6 million, for a total of $40.7 million. But, again thanks to the huge debts the committee racked up in 2006, Republicans find themselves at a huge cash disadvantage, with $2.6 million cash on hand and $3.6 million in debt. Democrats have $29.2 million in the bank.


  3. Thanks for the additional numbers gort.


  4. Al

    Hi. There is nothing decent about Louie. He is a throwback to the demagogues of the 20th century. There is no place for that type today….democrat or republican.

  5. Hi Al,

    I would have to disagree with you. I had the chance to meet and talk with Lou on several occasions and I stand by my assessment.

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the dialogue.


  6. I’ve linked to your article at a new blog that will be dedicated to defeating Lou Barletta’s attempts to run for higher office:


  7. “Louie Go Home”

    Just to be clear. I support Lou and will vote for him. I don’t think he should run for the reasons I have outlined, but I myself ran against Congressman Kanjorski and believe that he should be voted out of office.

    Thanks for the comment and
    Keep up the Dialogue


  8. LouB For Congress

    I have personally talked to Joe so please don’t take this post the wrong way. If money is the only key to winning look at what happened to Mitt Romney. He outspent $7 million to Huckabee’s $1.4 million. I guarantee you this will be a different campaign all together. Don’t be lulled by what you read in the newspapers. Borys wants a story..he is desparately trying to get the story…but it is the tale of the young bull and the old bull…the young bull wants something, anything but he wants it now..the old bull takes his time plans his mission and gets it all. A sneak peek that I am surprised wasn’t brought up in past elections…did you know PJ started Congress in 1984 making $72,200. In 1990 that was raised to $96,600. In 1991 it went to over $125,000.00. He now makes $169, 300. Let’s see what did the average senior citizen get in their Social Security check this year? $288.00 The paintbrush he used in the past for Lou will not go unanswered. Shock and awe…stay tuned.

  9. Hi LouB

    Just a note, I only mentioned the money difference between the Congressman and Mayor as one reason out of eleven. I will support the Mayor and vote for him. I would have circulated petitions if someone from his committee contacted me.


  10. Go Lou Go

    I agree with some of your observations and I too was concerned with the timing and the up hill battle with the Kanjorski money machine. However, after attending one of the Congressman’s events this week, I am convinced that now is the time to get him out of office. The sad fact is, I think he is losing his grip on reality. What should have been a quiet, friendly “pep rally for Paul”, turned in to a circus side show. Mr. Kanjorski rambled from subject to subject and insulted everyone along the way. Friend and enemy; Democrat & Republican. It was ALMOST sad to watch. I had a “headache” when I left.

  11. Hi,

    Paul has been like that for the last 10 years or so. He has moments of genuine lucidity followed by talking all over the map. He was afraid to debate me when I ran against him, I believe part of that is because I have a broadcasting background and would have been able to control the pace better than he.
    I am voting for Lou, but from what some have told me he seems to have come under control of D.C. already, which is concerning some local republicans.
    I will be doing a post on that in the next several days.
    This may sound flip and sad, but I think at this point, with what is going on in the country, and this is a dem district, that the democratic party could put up a complete ethically challenged, short sighted, fantasy living individual and still win.

    I hope I am wrong.

    Thank you for the comment
    Keep up the Dialogue

  12. I agree that Lou Barletta should not run for Congress. While he does enjoy some “rock star” status among certain circles, he is clearly stepping into a fight that he is neither qualified or equipped to win.

    Personally, as I’ve pointed out repeatedly on my website, StopLouBarletta.com, Barletta should not be the Republican candidate for Congress. He lacks any real record of success on any major issues and has, to date, refused to even take a position on issues such as the War in Iraq, the troubled economy, and the housing crisis.

    The Republican party needs a better candidate if they hope to even have a prayer at picking up the 11th District.

  13. Pingback: Joe Leonardi on Lou Barletta…. «

  14. Despite his popularity in his hometown of Hazelton, Lou Barletta faces an uphill fight to win the Congressional race for the 11th Congressional District.

    On my website, http://www.StopLouBarletta.com, I expalin exactly why I think Lou Barletta should NOT be elected to the United States Congress.

  15. I don’t get it ??? If not Lou then who and when ? It’s time for Paul Kanjorski to go back to Nanticoke. Are you really a conservative Mr. Leonardi ?

  16. lance sjogren

    Well, I would say with Barletta now being favored by the political analysts to win this district, it would seem to me that your analysis of this race has turned out to be as wrong as it possibly could be.

  17. lance sjogren

    Dan Cheek:

    You have also proven to be dead wrong.

    While I expect that the assessments of the race you guys made were largely motivated by your own personal biases rather than an attempt to engage in genuine political analysis, those opinions were certainly plausible back when Barletta was behind and it was not at all obvious that things would be any different by the election.

    But here we are. You guys were wrong. Your analysis was wrong, and your opinion of Barletta is also wrong, he is one of the few true leaders in this country today.

    Most of the true leaders in our country are relatively unknown, while empty suits like Bush, McCain, and Obama get the publicity.

    Barletta is one of the few true leaders in our country who has actually gained a bit of public recognition, which makes him doubly impressive.

    He is a rare example of an honest and moral politician, which is one of the reasons he is favored to beat Kanjorski on Tuesday.

  18. lance sjogren

    I do agree, however, with Mr. Leonardi that George Bush has greatly damaged the Republican Party.

    That is the main reason I voted for Obama. Four more years of a phony Republican President like Bush/McCain applying a sledgehammer to the Republican party and it will probably not even exist.

    If we can survive 4 years of Obama we can have someone like Jeff Sessions, Bobby Jindal, or Jim Demint get elected President and clean up the mess that the Bush/Obama regime did over 12 years.

    The alternative is that we have McCain for 4 years, the Republican Party no longer exists 4 years from now, and the Democratic Party most likely will run the country for the next 50 years, and most likely during that time we will make the transition from a democracy to a dictatorship.

  19. Hi Lance,

    I may be proven wrong, however, I wasn’t aware that the election had been held already. Did I miss my chance to vote?


  20. BTW Lance, guess I was not proven wrong after all.

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