How Liberalism Leads to Slavery

“I fear that giving mankind a dependence on anything for support in age or sickness, besides industry and frugality during youth and health, tends to flatter our natural indolence, to encourage idleness and prodigality, and thereby to promote and increase poverty, the very evil it was intended to cure.” Ben Franklin

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche

How Liberalism Leads to Slavery
by: Joe Leonardi

Liberalism is the scourge of modern society. It’s mantra of entitlement is slowly leading the United States into an inescapable abyss. The liberals hide their treachery in the promotion of human kindness. They claim that their interests are only “what is best for the common people.” Their subterfuge hides a more sinister outcome. Liberals are destroying the independent spirit of humankind.

A recurring theme in American history is that of the rugged individual. The belief that most people unencumbered by an oppressive government not only can, but desire to provide for themselves. In today’s nanny state we are slowly losing this.

There are two primary questions to ask. How do liberals do this and why?

The why is easy. Pure, unmitigated power. Through dependence the liberal seeks to control the masses. It is much the way many of histories most tyrannical despots ruled their countries. While the likes of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler used fear and intimidation to keep their political opponents silent, they also fostered government reliance to keep the masses in check and enslaved.

The how is a little more complicated and, in my opinion, much more malevolent. Liberals, since the progressive era, have chosen Robin Hood economics to demolish the American dream and break the American spirit. Early 20th century progressives sought to steal from the most productive citizens and give their money, transferring it unearned, to the least productive. To accomplish this they required the power to tax all income. To ensure unbridled authority to take from the rich and give to the poor, the progressive movement introduced, passed, ratified and enacted the Sixteenth Amendment. Congress was given the authority to “wet their beaks.” In less than half of a century the American government abolished slavery over a portion of the population and reintroduced it over the whole.

In the beginning, this was sold as a tax on only the wealthy. Because to gain popular support liberals, then and now, vilify those who create wealth and earn large incomes, often ignoring the fact that those are the same who create jobs.

Of course, the rich are not the only ones taxed. The ability to tax shackles the American income earner at every rung of the economic ladder. The harder we work, the more we earn, the more we are extorted to give the federal government “their cut.” Taxation is the means the government utilizes to enslave the middle and high wage earners, entrepreneurs and job creators.

Most everyday folks don’t care what happens to these people, because liberals indoctrinate them into the belief that “rich” people don’t deserve what they have and they must be compelled to share what they have earned. What the believers of this fallacy do not realize is that they too are being enslaved by the liberal ruling class.

How? Redistribution. Utilizing this method the lower classes become tacit wards of the state, forever trapped in poverty, begging the omnipotent liberal government to provide.

Locally, we have a talk show host who wants free health care, free swimming, free skateboard parks, free everything for everyone. Well — nothing is free. The hard working income earners and producers will be over-taxed to provide these gratis services.

The simple truth that these liberal slave masters don’t want you do know is that the more you are “given,” the less you have. Soon the United States will resemble much of Europe. People will be locked into the class to which they are born. Upward mobility will be a thing of the past. Those that do not earn their way in our society will be placated with all the basic necessities of life. Their ability and desire to provide for themselves will no longer matter. They will have been stripped of inherent traits that made America and Americans the envy of the world.

When Stalin died much of the free world rejoiced in the departure of a ruthless, cold-blooded tyrant. However, the populace of the former Soviet Union wept in fear. They cried out, “who will take care of us?” They did not need to be beaten into submissive servitude. No, they were conciliated into it.

Will this be our dreadful, dire destiny? Do we yearn to be hand fed from cradle to grave; or do we “yearn to breathe free?”

When did adversity, hardship and struggle become dirty words. I want the opportunity to succeed or fail based upon my decisions, based upon my drive, based upon my actions. I want the freedom to live my life unrestrained by government sanctioned slavery. Don’t you?

Beware the modern, moderated, boisterous beatnik beating the drum for a free, fanciful, easy existence. Because the cost of “free” — is freedom.

Joe Leonardi



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15 responses to “How Liberalism Leads to Slavery

  1. annie hudson

    But wait a minute…99% of the wealthiest U.S. citizens DON’T WORK. Their wealth is NOT EARNED, as you describe above, but increased from investments.

  2. Every person I know that makes a seven figure income works pretty dam hard for it. I would say off the top of my head I can think of at least 20 people I personally know. Each of the 20 I am thinking of right now start their days before six a.m. and end it well after nine p.m. Additionally I included middle income earners in this group. The middle income earners are so saddled with taxation that the burden makes reaching the next rung of the economic ladder that much more difficult.

    That said, do we punish people for investing their money? Those investments work to keep the economy and businesses afloat so people can have jobs. Curios about one thing, can you site me a reference for the 99% figure or did you just make that up?

    I don’t know if you are liberal or conservative, but the misconception that all rich people don’t work is more class war-fare politics.

    I will grant you that there are wealthy people that do not work, that live off inheritances, some who live off investments built up their portfolios through hard work, does that justify stealing their money to give to those who don’t even try?

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the dialogue.


  3. Wow! Am I reading Joe or a transcript of Rush Windbag? I never expected you to use such a broad brush. Like most people I’m liberal on some things and conservative on others. But comparing liberals to Stalin? Give me a break.

    Just to be a pain in the ass I’ll quote one of your “favorite” TV shows:

    “Liberals got women the right to vote. Liberals got African-Americans the right to vote. Liberals created Social Security and lifted millions of elderly people out of poverty. Liberals ended segregation. Liberals passed the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act. Liberals created Medicare. Liberals passed the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act. What did Conservatives do? They opposed them on every one of those things – every one. So when you try to hurl that label at my feet, ‘Liberal,’ as if it were something to be ashamed of, something dirty, something to run away from, it won’t work, Senator, because I will pick up that label and I will wear it as a badge of honor.”

  4. Hi Gort,

    You can wear liberal as more than a badge of honor, when we become unified automatons, you can wear liberal as the shackle of slavery.

    I for one am tired of being overtaxed and overworked to support a larger and growing government. Yet I am not ready to accept paltry handouts and be beholden to the liberal machine.

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the dialogue


  5. If this bunch has it’s way and GuiliAndrews makes it to the White House I’ll wear it like a bright yellow star.

  6. Considering how liberal the former Mayor is, I don’t see why you would not support him.


  7. Anon

    Hi Joe,

    Great post.

    An answer to Gort, conservatives, under Lincoln, ended slavery, perhaps it is time they step up and do it again.

  8. Joe, great post, and I am very impressed how you keep your cool when dealing with the gorts of the world. Your commentary was dead on. I have many liberal friends, and I feel they are generally good people and truly do care about their fellow man, and yet they are blind to how there actions cause more harm than good. This is a recurring theme in my own blog, and I know I am fighting an uphill battle with these people, but it is a fight I will continue to fight until the day I die.

    Keep up the good work my friend

  9. I’ll be first to admit that the Gorts of the world can sometimes be an asshole. Sorry Joe for my intemperate rant.

  10. Bob,

    Thank you checking out my site and for the kind words.

    Gort my friend — rant away. I love debate, I ran for congress remember. LOL

    Football picks: going out on no limb, Packers and Cowboys, since Comcast made NFL another fee I am not going to pay for a handful of games so I won’t comment on the evening game, but lets face it even an injured Colts team is still better most of their competition.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and after a carb and tryptophan rich meal to all a good night.

    Keep up the dialogue


  11. Robert

    Well Mr. Leonardi, it would seem the French may have read your column.
    Collapse of Rail, Subway Strike Is a First Success for Sarkozy

  12. Michael Edmund

    You begin, “Liberalism is the scourge of modern society. It’s mantra of entitlement is slowly leading the United States into an inescapable abyss. The liberals hide their treachery in the promotion of human kindness. They claim that their interests are only “what is best for the common people.” Their subterfuge hides a more sinister outcome. Liberals are destroying the independent spirit of humankind.”
    To pinpoint Liberalism as the scourge of modern society is an incredibly simplistic assertion which seems to devalue any further points in your post. Whether one was to agree that there is any iota of truth in that opener, the hyperbole of identifying Liberalism as the sole scourge is dubious at best.
    To assume that any aims held by liberals are treacherous and hidden intentionaly behind what would appear to be a kind motive is to again paint with one broad stroke of a wide all inclusive brush, ethnocensurizing them all and thus inferring a malevolent plot hatched by those evil forces who would engineer the destruction of entire societies. Is it too much to suggest that people with a viewpoint other than your own are not capable of having wholesome motives and wishing only to promote the well being of all? It would seem so. One need not demonize either Liberals or Conservatives to identify the current threats leading us into the abyss. Among them are actions by our Government hiding their treachery in stripping us of our right to priviacy by tapping our phones, reading our emails, and compiling databases about each and every aspect of our everyday life by claiming it is to protect us. “We need to take your freedoms to protect your freedom”. A threat to my well being and that of my children and their children for generations to come is a Government which lies to us so as to promote the invasion of a soveriegn Nation which poses no substantive threat to our Nation and in doing so squanders the lives of thousands of our courageous fighting men and women along with billions of dollars of our National Treasure in a wreckless manner which does irreparable damage to the esteem of our Nation in the eyes of the world. Fascism is the real threat to America in our lifetime. Our democracy has been seized by Corporate greed and our elected officials have become the bootlickers of the Corporations. The Corporation has but two true motives. To make profit and to insure it’s survival. It could care less about the well being of the consumer, the well being of one Nation or ideology over another except where it would impact it’s profit or modus operandi. Any perception that they give two hoots in hell about anything else is most likely attributable to some slick Madison Ave. touchy feely commercial they run on the idiot tube.
    Joe, you seem to have a pretty good bark, and I suspect a decent bite too. But if you remain compelled to Chicken Little about the threats to life as we know it in America, I’d suggest you put things into a little better perspective and focus on the true reality based threats rather than contribute to the staged/ perceived dichotomy of Liberal vs. Conservative .

  13. Robes

    Hi Joe,

    I just linked to this post over on Gort42, in repsonse to P.J., I hope he decides to read this and part II. I miss your posting, I hope to read more of your insight.


  14. Hi Michael,
    Sorry I took so long to respond. I agree with many of the point you have made. If you have checked out the entire site I think you will see I am NOT a supporter of the current administration led by neo-cons, who by the way are former liberal democrats.


    Thank you for the kind words, I will resume posting this week.

    Thanks both of you for the comments and keep up the Dialogue

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