How to Halt Hillary

“Not only are we going to New Hampshire … we’re going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico, and we’re going to California and Texas and New York! And we’re going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan. And then we’re going to Washington, D.C. to take back the White House, Yeeeeeaaaaaargh!”
— Howard Dean, Iowa concession speech

How to Halt Hillary
by: Joe Leonardi

The above quote was made when people still thought, even though upset in Iowa, Howard Dean was still going to be the Democratic nominee for president. It demonstrates many things. Notably, that one bad moment on camera can take you, in the blink of an eye, from champ to chump. However, most importantly it demonstrates that pre-election polls don’t mean a thing.

Senator Hillary Clinton, in all the national polls, is leading her democratic primary opponents. That is great, there is just one problem. The primary or the general election are not nationwide elections. To capture the nomination a candidate must, in each statewide primary, win a majority of delegates. As I have stated earlier, presidential elections are a series of statewide elections, not one national referendum.

Will Hillary win the democratic nomination? I still don’t believe so, but I don’t know and honestly I don’t care. As a republican, I can’t vote in the democratic primary — not that my state, Pennsylvania, will matter much by the time we finally get to the booth.

With this years general election coming to an end next week, the 2008 election cycle will heat up. It looks like January third the games will begin. So it is just about time to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

To date the Hillary machine has been running a safe, conservative, error free campaign. She is the front runner and as already stated, the perceived nominee on the board’s blue side. It begs a certain questions.

Why is Senator Clinton the presumed nominee? Why would anyone vote for her? Her public persona is one of an abrasive, cold, distant, power hungry individual. She projects a stoic, non-caring, emotionless facade. Though independent and educated she demonstrates neither. She allowed herself to be continually duped and embarrassed and oft opened herself up to possible exposure to sexually transmitted diseases via her husband’s womanizing. So what makes her an attractive candidate for president.

The answer — former President Bill Clinton.

It has been intimated by many and flat out said by a few that the reason democrats are high on Hil is to get Bill back in the White House.

Here is my advise to the other democratic nominees, start telling this one simple truth. A vote for Hil is not, I repeat not, a vote for Bill. Hillary Clinton’s first term will not be Bill Clinton’s third.

Hil is not Bill. For those who have forgotten — William Jefferson Clinton is probably the best pure politician to walk the planet. He had and has an easy charm. He is educated, intelligent and articulate. Bill Clinton could read the classified ads of a newspaper and draw you in as if he were reading Shakespeare or Hemingway. I remember watching his televised States of the Union and sitting upright, being drawn in by his masterful oratory. It was only after I focused on the words that I remembered, I didn’t agree with a thing he said, but still, I listened.

Bill Clinton, in person, could put friend and foe alike at ease. He was a man with whom whether you agreed or disagreed — you appreciated the fact that he wanted to be president to do something for the American people.

Hillary Clinton possesses none of her husband’s charm, oratory abilities, kindness nor presence. She is where she is today soley because of her marriage to Bill Clinton.

Whereas greatness brought Bill Clinton to the presidency, Hillary pursues the presidency because she thinks it will bring her greatness.

Again, I advise all the participants in the democratic primary, if you want to rally the base and win the nomination, shout it loud and clear Hillary Clinton is no Bill Clinton. Make your slogan — A vote for Hil is not a vote for Bill.


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36 responses to “How to Halt Hillary

  1. jade7243

    “Whereas greatness brought Bill Clinton to the presidency, Hillary pursues the presidency because she thinks it will bring her greatness.

    Again, I advise all the participants in the democratic primary, if you want to rally the base and win the nomination, shout it loud and clear Hillary Clinton is no Bill Clinton. Make your slogan — A vote for Hil is not a vote for Bill.”


    An excellent article! You’ve said in a sentence what I’ve tried to say in paragraph after paragraph.


  2. wizinit

    It is a question she’d even be a Senator, let alone the frontrunner for President, if she was not married to Bill.

    And the amazing thing is Bill has blocked access to all her records in the Clinton Library (not to mention his hiding the names of donors) of her time in the White House. How valid is her claim of “experience” if Hillary Clinton’s record is hidden from view?

  3. Greg Hodges

    A simple, yet elegant article. I agree that Senator Clinton lacks the charm of her husband, but she is still an excellent politician in her own right. Just looking at how she has run the perfect election campaign so far (as it is reported) gives one the feeling that her nomination is all but assumed done already. But, I also agree that the polls mean nothing.

    But, I must diverge from your assessment in the direction of a harsh fact – aside from the fact that the best candidate doesn’t always win – but that ultimately a candidate wins on perception more than substance. When a candidate corners the media market, that candidate has a level of control over the perceptions the public has of all of the candidates. In an ideal system, one cannot have such control over all major media outlets, but with the merger frenzy of media formats, there are only a handful of independent organizations that mass distribute news. It is my sad opinion that Senator Clinton has obtained enough sway in these outlets to mitigate her negative reviews in the Democratic Primary, and I believe that if she wins, it will be because Democrats will carry the very perceptions you warn in your article.

    As a registered “Dean Democrat” I am rooting for a more substantial candidate, Senator Obama, and I hope more people will do the same. People forget that former Governor G. W. Bush won the 2000 election partially on the same “clean-up” bandwagon started by those who hated the “first” Clinton presidency.

    But, once again, it all comes down to perceptions.

    Thanks again for your article – it was concise in its observation of Senator Clinton’s “Achilles’ Heel” in her presidential election campaign strategy.

  4. Mike

    Exactly right. It’s time for Obama to roll up his sleeves and act like he wants to win.

  5. Maureen Dowd is calling Obama a pansy for not going in for the kill. She thinks all of Hillary’s negatives (arrogance, blind ambition, cunning) are really her strengths.

  6. Ryan

    This argument would make sense if Hillary was losing in Iowa. Seeing how Bill never campaigned there for himself, the voters don’t know him as well.
    But look, she is topping the most recent polls in Iowa after being in 2nd and 3rd all year. This shows that the more and more people see of her, and listen to her and not through the eyes of the ring wing machine, that they like her more and are rallying around her.
    She will make a great democratic president.

  7. Hi Ryan,

    I am making the argument from the point that she is ahead in the polls. And from the point of view that many dems are looking for the second coming of Bill Clinton.

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the dialogue


  8. Vette58


    When you talk about Bill Clinton it sounds as though you’re describing my candidate Senator Obama. I like your slogan “Hil is not Bil” and it describes my concerns with her candidancy in a nutshell. Excellent insight!

  9. Hi Vette,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you hear any of the other candidates use “Hil is not Bill,” let me know I want royalties.

    Keep up the dialogue

  10. Evelyn Vondran

    The way Edwards and Obama attacked Hillary in the debates make them chumps, not champs! Already they are threatened by the front runner – instead they should be emphasizing what they can do for our country in defeating the GOP. I would never cast my ballot for either of them.They made it clear they do not have leadership qualities by their debate demeanor.

  11. Chris


    Nicely written article.

    Why can’t she give us a straight answer to a simple question like Russert’s last night about the records at the Clinton Library? She could have said “no, I don’t want them released” or “yes, they should be released immediately, I’m going to check into that”. Either answer would have been honest. Instead she beats around the bush and gives a dishonest answer. If she wants to lead our country, she’s going to have to be more forthright with the voters — we know we’re being played the fool with a dishonest answer. And this is just one example.

  12. Reda StCyr

    I think Senator Obama did exactly what he set out to do about Senator Clinton.

    He exposed her for the liar and fraud that she is.

    She has no idea of what she is doing and everytime she gets in public, she needs to be questioned .

    We have lost thousands of young people because of her so called experience that has been revealed incompetent over and over.

    She is not the front runner and they know this. She is the trick they need in office to continue screwing up this country.

    We should never stand for it.

  13. Reda StCyr

    Why is the media not giving Senator Obama his due?

    He clearly won the debate and these people act like it did not happen.

    I guess it is wishful thinking on their part as they learn the American people are not going for it.

  14. Barbara

    I don’t see that Edwards and Obama attacked Hillary Clinton in last nights debate. What I do see is the fact that she is not what she claims to be and needs to be shown for what she is. This country needs a president that is honest and wants to to clean up the mess in Washington. That won’t happen with Hillary as our next president. I’m for someone that can work with members of both parties of our government. That person I believe is Barack Obama. Thanks for the great article.

  15. Zathras

    It is amazing how HRC tries to have it both ways. She plays tough, but when guys challenge her, she plays (by proxy) the victim card. How long will this hypocrisy last?

  16. tim

    Ya know i am amazed at the articles I read about this candidate or that candidate. All the things that they have done or not done. The Presidency is no longer an office that anyone can attain. You have to come from money, you have to be in with money and you have to have money. When was the last time that “Mr. President” did anything for the little guy? It is high time to bounce the career politician out on their collective arses. The working stiff, has no representation. Big Interest get the ear, I certainly wish I could go on stike, demand an increase in my retirment package and have garrunteed work for the next 10 years. Unions my a@#, ever wonder why are products are so expensive? Unions!!! plain and simple. While were at it, why is oil almost a $100 a barrel, are we not in Iraq helping them attain a democratic society? Um you would think there should be a discount for helping out a neighbor, Screw OPEC we have Iraq, aw if life were only that simple.
    In a nutshell, as long as the current establishment stays in place, Dems and Rep’s will continue to bicker and fight. Frankly, I think ol’ Ross Perot ought to come back and join the fray one last time. Can you imagine how that would shake things up? Give me a candidate from the dirt of the earth, give me a candidate that has worked at a minimum wage job, struggled to raise their families in today’s economy and suffered through the hardships of the “daily grind” as it is. Give me a candidate that understands, paycheck to paycheck. Thanks I feel better now

    have a great day

  17. Samuel Cameron

    Excellent article. As a fairly conservative independent, I have been sufficiently upset by the GOP’s corruption, spending and impingement on our civil liberties to feel more than a little nostalgic about the Clinton years. But that nostalgia does not make me want to vote for Hillary because she is clearly a very different animal than Bill.

  18. John

    Bill might have been a fun loving swell speaker in his first term; full of smooth points to show how much he cares, but after he pounded the his fist and told the world he “did not have……. with that woman.” he lost that and just proved that he is a pathetic selfish looser.

  19. karen mg

    Great point in your article. I do not know one single person who supports a Hillary! presidency. Her advisors that say a bunch of republican women will jump ship & vote for her…HA.
    We do not want her in our living rooms for the next 4 or 8 years.

  20. daryl

    I heartily agree with everything Mr.Leodardi said except his assumptian that Hillary may have left herself vulnerable to stds (“and oft opened herself up to possible exposure to sexually transmitted diseases via her husband’s womanizing”). There’s a very good chance that Slick Willy hasn’t been there and done that since Chelsea was conceived, if then.

  21. Ksb

    One of Hil’s major problems is that she does not have the ability to be a smooth and practiced liar like her husband, BJ. If she did, she could have danced and darted around Russert’s questions with lie after lie and no one would have noticed.
    This is one Republican woman that would no more “jump ship” and vote for Frau von Hilldebeast than I would jump off of bridge.

  22. mvargus

    I have an extremely liberal roommate who will pack their bags and be in Mexico or beyond by Dec 2008 should the Hildebeast get elected. I expect that Hillary is not only not electable, but by the time Nov 2008 comes around will be tsunamied in one of the few landslide elections where one candidate takes 40+ states should she be the Democratic nominee.
    And what’s funny is right now, with the media lobbing soft balls and the polls basically asking. Would you vote Democrat or for 4 more years of Bush? you aren’t getting anything like the real pulse of the electorate. Once the primaries are done and the real campaigning begins I expect the camoflague to wear thin and Hillary’s carefully crafted spin machine to break down.

  23. south3rnman82

    Has anyone even looked at the fact that Hitlerly was the lead lawyer for the white water foundation… the same one that cause quite a little snafu for the draft dodger’s presidency?

  24. Lassiter

    The woman is liar, any donkey would have more dignity than she does,she is abrasive, harsh, and to hear speak it hurts my ears. I would not vote for her if she was the last candidate standing.Bill was charming, but both of them are some shady characters, and are not to be trusted.

  25. Great points from a reasonable conservative voice! Thank you.

  26. Thank you for clearing this up for me. I fear you’re eexactly right! Those polled who view her as the front runner must be thinking they’ll get 2 for 1. And the Clintons have been masterfully but subtley encouraging that belief. I like Bill Clinton & the U.S. was a better country when he was President. But here am I, a gay, registered Democrat, practicing Roman Catholic, who cannot stand her & would NEVER vote for her. She represents everything that is wrong with this country & everything that is lothesome about the word politican. I’ve live in Los Angeles & know of not one single person who likes her or will support.
    her. And my female friends are particularly opposed to her. Where are these numbers that show her winning or ahead coming from? Have you ever been polled? Has anyone you know? Although one poll I trust from today’s Washington Post has her negatives @ 38% Maybe this proves your point? No body likes her, no one really wants her as the nominee, but a vote for her gets Bill back in the White House! This is delusional & suicidal.

  27. Mary B, Cedar Rapids IOWA

    Tim, take a look at Senator Obama. Middle class upbringing, during and after college wasn’t quite a grunt but didn’t have much. Worked low income jobs, and has worked his way up. While the rest were playing politics, he was reading and studying, living in and spending time in low-income areas. Small part of the reason I think he’s the one we are waiting for. I’m an Independent voter, for many of those same reasons you cited. There is so much wrong, and recently, hour by hour it’s actively being made worse.

  28. Harry

    It is oft said that certain politicians control the media and therefore the public’s perceptions. Scary thought that.

    I remember when Billary was running the first time, how I – unlike most everyone I knew – thought he reminded me of a used car salesman. And a con man at that. Still think that.

    But so many a-doooooooor the guy. Why? Can’t they see through his “charm?” I never saw the charm as charm anyway. I saw it as an act. What’s is WRONG with people that they can’t tell a phony baloney when they see one?

    When GWB took office, he struck me as sincere. Over time, he changed. He became an incompetent when it came to winning in Iraq – letting all those who would shackle the U.S. military’s hands while they fight dictate the rules of engagement. What a jerk.

    But unlike most Dems and libs, when a person I like becomes incompetent, I can SEE IT for myself. I don’t need someone to point it out to me. All I need is honest reporting and an ability to corroborate what I read. How hard is that?

    I just don’t get it.

    Maybe it’s the case, not that perception is reality, but blindness and living in an insane dream is reality. And yet Dems and libs have the right to vote. Like I said… scary.


  29. P. Snow

    I got linked to this from Obama’s site and find I have to reply!
    Hillary’s media fed image was to an extent as you’ve described but many New Yorkers and others know her for what she is-beautiful, gracious, warm, funny, caring, and much softer than you describe, a loving mother and fantastic public servant. Seeing her in person dispels the media image instantly-you should try it. She also works much harder than her rivals in both parties as evidenced by her ability to vote in the senate and run a flawless campaign. No candidate is juggling more and doing it better. She has evolved, learned, improved, and also is loyal-she loves her husband and honors her marriag-that’s not being “duped”, it’s recognizing that even Bill is human. Hill is not Bill, she not perfect either, but she is a fantastic candidate in her own right, and her debate performances clearly demonstrate her intelligence and strength. The more you educate yourselves on her (see her speak, listen to her books, look at her NY record and popularity) the more you know she not only cares, she’s passionate about the issues and can deliver. She’s not the person your describing but I if she was, that’d make being a rebublican easier right now, wouldn’t it? Electing her will instantly repair our reputation overseas more than anything else could.

  30. As much as I’d like to see a woman president, I don’t trust Hillary as far as I can throw her.

  31. Nathan

    C’mon! 4 more years with Clinton in the White House?!? You have to be joking! They are liars and “they do it with such ease.”

  32. Hi Nathan,

    I don’t want another Clinton in the White House, the point of the column was how to beat her.

    Thanks for commenting and keep up the dialogue


  33. cloudy

    I disagree with this after-the-fact portrayal of Clinton as this always widely beloved and respected politician. In retrospect, as a period of peace and prosperity and the deficit closing on his watch, as well as at the time, his presidency can boast some serious successes. And it is not unrealistic to suppose that the same sort of approach might yield similar positive results again.

    But let’s remember, first — Clinton inspired a LOT of opposition in the primary season. This was furthered by the NEWSWEEK cover ‘why America doesn’t trust Clinton’. He was elected with some 43% of the vote running against a president who was at just about the low point of popularity for any president (Truman at low points, Johnson, Nixon and Carter were all in competition for that distinction). But daddy Bush was way down there, and had lost the confidence of many on the rabid right as well.

    In office, his betrayal of progressive hopes led many to stay home in the most disastrous Congressional election year for the Democrats in more than the past 50 years. In 1996, there were doubts about his re-election but, against Dole (who was considered a DRAG on the Ford ticket in 76) manage to win by a comfortable margin of about 5-6%, though still not garnering a majority. That’s not exactly earthshaking performance for an incumbent running for re-election.

    In the latter years of his presidency, polls were consistently showing that people though he was a good president even while disliking him personally. Much of his difficulty, and Hillary’s, was and is due to a RW media that attacks him nonstop, and Repugs in Congress willing to go after them on ANYTHING. His popularity if anything was boosted by the charade (any way you slice it in my arrogant opinion) of the Republican impeachment demi-urge.

    In all, this myth (as in SNL where he merely sticks his hand out from behind a curtain and the crowd roars) has been heavily cultibated, forming a legendary reality that belies the actual history.

  34. Hi Cloudy,

    As a republican I agree with your analysis. However, to many Democrats he is what Ronald Reagan is to Republicans.

    His fund raising ability is proof positive that the Dems can’t get enough of him, no matter his flaws.

    I refer you to today’s NY Times:

    “In fact, nearly as many of Mrs. Clinton’s backers say they are supporting her because of her husband as say they are supporting her because of her own experience.”

    I wrote this commentary back in October.

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the dialogue,


  35. Excellent article. I feel like Hillary is the candidate that has been manufactured to be a Presidential contender since her Husband first got in office. She scares the hell out of me.

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