Barack the Magic Miscreant

“You know, the truth is that right after 9/11, I had a pin,” Obama
said. “Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we’re talking about
the Iraq War, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism,
which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national
security, I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest.” Barack Obama

Barack the Magic Miscreant
by: Joe Leonardi

Does Senator Obama have the right not to wear the U.S. Flag lapel pin?
Of course. Does he have the right to say that he wants to demonstrate
his patriotism a different way? Of course. Does he have the right to
intimate that other politicians wear it for political gain? Again, of
course he does and he may be right. Does he have the right to demean,
debase and devalue the patriotism of every day American citizens? The
first amendment says yes. Should he be held accountable. Dam right.

I read about this quote, but I waited it until I watched it replayed
on “This Week,” before commenting on it. I wanted to not only read
what he said, I wanted to observe him say it.

I listened to the Senator’s words, but I also noted that he spoke
methodically — carefully choosing each word. When the clip
ended, I rose from the comfort of my chair and walked out of the room.
I was angry, so incensed I needed to walk off my ire fueled energy. I
could not believe that a man that I actually liked, one whom I thought
could have been a good president, though I vehemently disagree with his
politics, could genuinely be so far out of touch. If he fooled me,
I’m sure he fooled others. Thank God his facade faded prior to any

I always thought he had his finger on the pulse of the average
American. I thought he could unite America in a way she has never been
united before. Now, I realize he is nothing more than garbage. Yes, I
wrote the word garbage. I know, I know — I realize that I risk
insulting garbage, but since garbage does not have consciousness I’m
guessing I am on safe ground. I also know I keep things respectful,
but the Senator has lost my respect.

Not only should this sad excuse for a Senator be defeated in the
Democratic primary, he should be voted out if he attempts to return to
the Senate. He needs to summarily exit civic life and become a private

My mom wore her U.S. Flag pin proudly and daily. She wore it after
9/11 because of my prior service and because one of our patients was
called to Iraq. After he returned she continued to wear it because she
felt for every mother who had a son or daughter serving in Iraq.
However, mostly she wore it because she was proud to be an American.

My mother didn’t live her life in the public eye. She was a middle
class mother of three who loved her family, loved her friends and loved
our country. Should the fact that she wore a U.S. Flag pin on her
blouse imply, Senator Obama, that she possessed pretended patriotism?

I wore a U.S. Flag pin prior to by entrance into the political foray as
a Congressional candidate. I was proud to wear it because, though I
disagreed with our President, I was proud to have served our country.

I saw no reason to stop wearing it when I entered the race for
Congress. Yes Senator, I showed my patriotism through the action of
running as you have and are still doing, however, did that mean that I
couldn’t display my support for my fellow Americans? Did it mean I
could not demonstrate my pride for being a citizen of our grand

I continue to wear my lapel pin, not only because of my patriotism, my
former candidacy , my service in the United States Navy, but also
because my mother always wore hers. It has become something I do to
remember a special woman. A woman who consented to have her son enter
the Navy at age seventeen. A woman who worried about one of our
patients during his time in the middle east. A woman who felt sorrow
at the report of every service person who died in action. A woman who
loved our country.

Barack Obama is the worst example of a politician, of an American and of
a human being. This mental miscreant should voluntarily vacate his
public presence. He has become an example of what happens to many
politicians when they get to D.C.. He has forgotten that government
service is not bout the self, it is about the populace.

The majority of Americans display the flag not to demonstrate
their patriotism — their patriotism drives them to display the flag.

Joe Leonardi


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7 responses to “Barack the Magic Miscreant

  1. tom thumb


    I would certainly be as offended as you if I felt that Senator Obama was speaking about my mother’s display of patriotism, especially after the sacrifices that you have made in serving in the armed forces.

    However, if Senator Obama had narrowed his comments, would you feel any differently? For instance if he instead had said, “[wearing a flag pin] became a substitute AMONGST POLITICIANS for I think true patriotism…” would you be equally offended? If he had narrowed his statement to state that some of his peers in Congress–individuals who advocated unsupervised surveillance of American citizens by federal employees and who were willing to ignore and forgive war profiteering–were using the flag pin as a stand-in for protecting the national interest, would you have been as angry? I assume that if he were to use such narrowed language, you would still disagree with what he said, but would it also have offended you?


  2. Hi Tom

    I re-read my post and I think I pretty much intimated that if he narrowed his focus I wouldn’t have a problem with his comment. But to be clear I would have no problem if he called out other politicians. Trust be after running for office, I have seen my share that could rightfully be called out.

    However, Sen. Omaha did NOT limit his comments. He made a broad condemnation. That is what angered me.

    I was angry that someone who wants to lead our country would question the patriotism of those he wants to lead.

    I am disgusted that a man, whom I have written positively about in the past fooled me.

    I don’t waste time being offended, I was angry!

    Thanks for posting and keep up the dialogue.


  3. Greg Hodges

    Although I am still a supporter of Senator Obama’s campaign, and also a “mid-Left” Democrat (if there is such a thing) I am moved to nod to your disagreement with Senator Obama’s statement about his flag pin. Your description of both you and your mother’s dedication to this country definitely warrants a better response from the Senator. Also I was not offended by his comments, I respect your argument for demanding genuine respect for the tradition of wearing a flag pin.

    It is my firm belief, though, that Senator Obama’s comments were not directed at either you nor your mother, directly or indirectly – his comments were carefully chosen, but ultimately not carefully enough. I know that I cannot speak for him or his campaign, but I think that no offense to GENUINE patriots was meant. I admit that there are many who would use such a pin to guise their patriotism – my wife’s accounts of her home country of Laos have convinced me that true patriots are those who live by their convictions for protecting the honor and dignity their flag and country symbolizes – something that many in our government, and sadly elsewhere as well, only give lip service to anymore. I truly believe that his criticisms were meant for the likes of those who fit into the latter category of disingenuous charlatans who only pretend to be patriots by doing just as Senator Obama described.

    Your disgust at his comment (along with many of the good articles I’ve seen of yours) is proof enough that you are a true American patriot, who does not forget the weight of that tiny, awesome pin you wear, and also the responsibility that goes with wearing it. I am sorry his comments could not have been better constructed.

    Thanks again for your thought-provoking articles, and once again I’m sorry that Senator Obama’s comments have permanently soured your view of him.

  4. Beck

    I’ll admit that I haven’t read all the details about this incident. I’d also guess that Obama statements afterwards were not adequate. Even though he is my choice at this early stage in the game, I’m not going to apologize for him.

    Who really follows up on the aftermath of any story anyways. There is only so much time in this life. I mean “oh my god, Obama didn’t put his hand over this heart when everyone else did”. Surely don’t scratch below the surface.

    But as someone who always wants to right “I think” and “For me” before every sentence I write, I just want to ask you one question: Do you think it is possible that Senator Obama was speaking about what it would mean for him to wear the flag pin and not about what it would mean for others to wear the pin?

  5. Beck

    I Beck, I think it was possible, but doubtful. As I wrote, I heard him make his statement. He chose his words carefully. It, in my view, was directed at those of us who wear our flag pins proudly. It was an attempt to demean our love of country and elevate himself above us, the patriotic commoners.

    Thank you for commenting and keep up the dialogue.


  6. mason

    so you think he’s an elitist too?
    Careful Joe.

  7. Hi Mason,

    I wrote this back in Oct of last year, before this latest dust up.

    Why do I have to be careful? I am a republican. But I have also written some positives about the Senator. I just write the way I personally see things.

    Thanks for commenting and
    Keep up the Dialogue


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