One Liberal’s Revisionist Version of the Virginia Tech Tragedy

“You caused me to do this”
from Cho Seung-Hui’s note left in his dorm room

The fault for this terrible tragedy is one person’s responsibility. Cho Seung-Hui is that person.
Joe Leonardi

One Liberal’s Revisionist Version of the Virginia Tech Tragedy
by: Joe Leonardi

It was my intention not to write any further about the Virginia Tech murders — this morning that changed. I was watching the McLaughlin Group and I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. The far left liberal Lawrence O’Donnell insinuated that the Bush administration and the Republicans were responsible for the murders because they did not reauthorize the assault weapons ban. He not once, placed any blame on Cho Seung-Hui. He went on further to intimate that this would have never happened under the Clinton Administration. I was unaware that President Clinton had stepped down prior to April 20, 1999. If you are not aware of the significance of that day, it is the date of the Columbine Massacre. The assault weapons ban, the repeal of which the obtuse O’Donnell faulted for the Virginia Tech tragedy, had been in effect for five years and was still in effect in April of 1999. Like Harris and Klebold who violated state and federal laws, legislation was not going to stop Cho. These individuals, driven by whatever demons, were intent on committing these evil acts.

However, the most disturbing aspect of lying Lar was his insistence that Cho Seung-Hui used fully automatic weapons in commission of these murders. When challenged about this by Pat Buchanan, Larry’s lips kept spewing lies. He was insistent that Cho only had to hold down the trigger and the weapons fired round after round, spraying bullets everywhere. When Buchanan attempted to further dispute this, John McLaughlin bailed O’Donnell out and changed the subject.

I had stated in my last column this is not about gun control it is about mass murder. Unfortunately those on the left have opted to turn this tragedy into a rallying point for restricting the second amendment. It is shameful that people can’t see this for what it is, an act of pure evil

What stunned me about Lawrence O’Donnell is it didn’t matter to him what actually happened. He employed the tactic that when the facts didn’t support his argument — lie. When challenged — lie louder. If you could have seen O’Donnell you would not have believed that this was a professional pundit. He was admonishingly arrogant and would not be questioned. At one point I thought he was going to jump out of his chair and pummel Pat. As Mr. Buchanan tried to correct him he went off on a tangent that Cho couldn’t have done as much damage with a knife, which is correct. However, the factually challenged far left liberal wouldn’t even consider what Buchanan said about other means at Cho’s disposal. Mr. O’Donnell I refer you to the 1927 Bath School Disaster and Oklahoma City — the weapons of choice were explosives.

It is a discredit that the left is represented by a man so blinded by his hatred of the right that he can’t even engage in a meaningful discussion. The second amendment is not the issue in Virginia, the dishonorable destruction of life is. I stated in my last column that this was going to happen at some point and some place, no matter where and no matter what Cho had available. You see the weapons were not a 9 mm SEMI automatic Glock nor a 22. The weapon was Cho Seung-Hui.

Larry O’Donnell, robbed of his platform since the idealized liberal fable The West Wing was canceled, appears to be a frustrated man full of venom and hatred. Mr. O’Donnell should realize that when he is invited on these shows it is not to write another fictional script, it is to give insightful, expert input. Unfortunately I wonder if Mr. O’Donnell has started to live in the fantasy world he helped create.

Joe Leonardi



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14 responses to “One Liberal’s Revisionist Version of the Virginia Tech Tragedy

  1. Joe S.

    Indeed it is sad that everything under the sun has to be blamed on the Bush Administration. Gun control ABSOLUTELY would not have prevented this crime from happening, and to think so is to be naive beyond comprehension. This kid was messed up and evil beyond comprehension — end of story. You want to change the law? Try starting with the HIPA law. If his medical records deeming him a danger to himself weren’t sealed, we MAY have been able to take preventative measures against this deranged individual. Start with the medical laws, not the gun-control laws…..

  2. i’m sure you’ll want to equally castigate rush limbaugh for declaring last week that, owing to his raving about “rich people,” cho was a “liberal.”

    the specifics of o’donnell’s comments are a misdirection. automatic, semi-automatic…irrelevant. the fact of the matter is, the victims were hit with over 100 shots in a very short time. so let’s not get tangled up in that particular minutia.

    finally, there is no “honor” or “dishonor” in mental illness. unless one argues that there’s no such thing as mental illness, and every homicidal rage is undertaken in a rational state of mind, that rhetorical framework is invalid.

    the kid was sick. and guns are easier to acquire than a driver’s license.

  3. O’Donnell deliberately misled. You have commented here before so I know you have read other posts and are well aware that when Rush or anyone else on the right does that I call them out.

    As far as mental illness. You have to be mentally ill to murder 32 people, that isn’t an excuse. This is an act of evil, plain and simple. Whether mentally ill or bullied it doesn’t justify this. There are mentally ill and bullied people who do not go out and kill 32 people. And again, I am convinced that if he couldn’t get guns he would have found another way. Watching the video Cho sent to NBC you can see a disturbed but, resolute and determined young man. He was patient and planning enough to wait months from his initial gun purchase until he committed the crime. This wasn’t a spur of the moment act. He didn’t wake up one morning go to the gun shop come back and kill people. He thought about it and took his time.

    He violated the law bringing the guns on campus. That rule didn’t stop him. What makes anyone think stricter gun laws would have stopped him. He had no respect for human life, do you think he would have had respect for the law?

    I am sickened that this happened and I am sickened by both sides of the political spectrum trying to play this tragedy up for political gain.

    I don’t know if you saw O’Donnell, but he wouldn’t even hear any challenge to his comment. He was enraged over Pat Buchanan’s factually accurate retort.

    I have no problem with honest debate on any issue, but when you deliberately lie to make an already horrid incident more so, you are more concerned with your position than the event. And what kind of lowlife, classless individual would do that?

    Thanks for the Comment
    Keep up the Dialogue


  4. Rich


    It seems like the United States has become a place where we need to find someone to blame. We blame TV, the parents, his high school etc. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Blaming Bush is a HUGE stretch. Zealots on both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of lying to support their claims. It is great to have someone call them on it.


  5. joe, i think you’re just totally taking your eye off the ball here.

    is little lawrence o’donnell really the issue? or is it, maybe, something bigger?

    your logic escapes me. if guns weren’t readily available, cho would’ve used explosives? well, thank god for guns, then, huh?

    and equating criminal insanity with “evil?” there’s no logical response to that.

    i mean, we could talk about how public funding for mental health resources has been gutted, and how enforcement of existing gun laws is totally inadequate, and how the nra has bought and paid for an “all guns all the time” free-for-all.

    you know, policy issues.

    or, we can make it about little lawrence o’donnell and evil.


  6. Hi Space,

    My first post was about the incident. I know we always try to look for excuses and blame, but I am convinced Cho was evil. I’m not sure what public funding for mental health may have to do with this incident. He was offered help and he chose to turn it down.

    “if guns weren’t readily available, cho would’ve used explosives? well, thank god for guns, then, huh?” —- The point was this particular individual was going to do something of this magnitude no matter what he had to use to do it, regardless of the law. I think once he decided to commit mass murder he wasn’t going to be concerned about laws in getting in his way of obtaining weapons.

    It amazes me how everyone calls this the worst school shooting instead of murder or massacre or killing. The word shooting is key, because it is not the worst school massacre. If we discuss the worst massacre the gun argument comes off the table.

    My second post was mostly about O’Donnell and what he represents. Instead of examining the incident in Virginia he took this tragedy and displayed his true motivation, which is gun control.

    If people want to debate gun control, that is fine with me. But when you are so low as to exploit a horrific event and then have to lie to try and make it seem worse to bolster your argument, I am going to call him on it. Just as I would call someone on the right. What amazes me is that anyone on the left or right could take his side and try and explain away his obvious false statement.

    I stand by my statement that sometimes there is just evil in the world. I don’t think it is always possible to find excuses or blame for something that may have none.

    Individual freedoms demand individual responsibility and I think we try to subjugate the responsibility looking for excuses and blame. Cho was responsible for what he did. By what I saw of his video he was very well aware that what he was doing was wrong, by trying to blame others for making him do it. The fact that he took 2 hours between murders also shows a deliberate, calculated effort on his part. Guns, bullying, society were not the cause of this destruction, Cho was.

    Thank you for commenting
    Keep up the Dialogue

  7. Joe;

    I think you are overlooking an important and fundamental point, which is that ready access to guns is what made this massacre possible. There is no evidence that Chuo would have been capable of accomplishing it by other, more deadly means. Chuo was an English major, and there is nothing in the record that suggests he could have manufactured an explosive device or even have stolen a gun. History suggests that use of explosives in the US is extremely rare; incidents over the past decades can be counted on your fingertips, versus the tens of thousands of incidents of gun violence each year. As a practical matter, most of the mentally ill do not have the technical expertise or staying power to accomplish a major explosive attack, and for many, the impulse passes before the plan matures. That is not the case in places like Virginia, where lax laws and lax enforcement make guns easily and immediately available. I happen to live in California. There’s plenty of gun violence here, much of it ‘drive-by’ or other gang-related incidents, but mandatory waiting periods and computer records regarding criminal history and mental illness either prevents mentally ill persons like Chuo from access to guns, or provides time for the violent impulse to pass before the means come to hand. It’s easy to knock down exaggerations like O’Donnell’s, but what we should be looking for is minimally intrusive measures that will protect us all from the violent impulses of mentally ill people like Chuo, AND from guns who make their way into the hands if criminals from gun dealers who routinely violate the minimaly restrictive laws now in place. You are also conflating the difference between the ‘truly evil’, like the gang bangers I mentioned, and the crazy guys like Chuo, who are acting under paranoid or delusional impulses. It may not be possible to keep the gang guys from getting guns, but that does not means that we shouldn’t have reasonable means in place to prevent crazy guys from using guns to act out their delusions.

  8. Hi Mike,

    While, according to reports, Cho should not have had the ability to buy a gun I still am not convinced he wouldn’t have found a different way. A waiting period would not have effected him he waited at least 2 months after his initial gun purchase. To say he had no staying power, he committed murders with a 2 hour gap. And I think Cho was just evil. He may have been mentally ill but, in my opinion, his mental illness didn’t drive him, evil did.

    Thank you for commenting
    Keep up the Dialogue.


  9. Jim

    I am back, you are thought provoking as usual. While on vacation I did find the time to write about this. As usual it was necessary because the obvious and the real issues were never mentioned and as of yet I have not heard them.
    First I have to tell you! You were appalled by O’donnell and I too thought he was stupid but I have to agree with spaceneedl too. I was away from the news and accidently turned on Limbaugh who was blaming rich Republican hating Democrats for Cho’s actions. I wrote about this but have heard it nowhere else.
    Cho being a minority fit none of the norms for your typical mass murderer. He was a nut case and it was known. Knowing the Patriot Act gives the right to go after anyone thought of as a threat and Cho was. His instructor even threatened to quit if he was not removed plus the cops and the entire campus knew about him.
    However, that alone is not the issue! You have to wonder who gave Cho the traing to handle the weapons the way he did? I know the CIA recruits heavily at that school and those weapons were recently purchased and the serial numbers filed. Who was being covered if the purchases were above board knowing he was going to kill himself.
    Still bigger questions! I found it hard to believe that more than 2 hours transpired between the first 2 killings and the majority of them on the other side of the campus. Then it gets worse when you find out the CIA was right on hand and State, local, and campuse police were ordered to stand down.
    Meanwhile a killing of 2 turned into an opportunity to get televised, turned into a killing of 32, and Bush had another platform to highlight dangers to Americans which he did and you can bet it will be used to step on individual rights even more and it will be used to give him even more control over us.
    I could care less what those on the left or the right say about this or anything else as you know. I only care about the truth and the facts. Again as usual we are not hearing them but are only hearing the asinine rhetoric spewed by special interests of either side.
    If helping America and doing the right thing for average Americans was the real issue and goal this childish nonsense would not be happening but it is and on both sides.
    It is funny but “lie frequently and lie loud” was a Rove’s taught trait in his 3D Politics(decietful, deceptive, divisive, politics) that I always said the Democrats have to learn in order to compete with todays Republicans. As you have pointed out, they have learned well but I am afraid not well enough They are still being downplayed by the masters of this childish game and to the demise of all of us.
    I have a lot of catching up to do but listening to the Chief Child put down the Dems Iraq policy and saying it will lead to future danger to Americans and a loss in Iraq, both of which that idiot guaranteed from day one and it will not be avoided, then hearing Gonzales say 76 times that he could not remember and Bush saying he was more confident that ever in him.
    Even the most jaded must realize Bush is not on the level and the whole misadministration is up to no good. I mean come on! Evaluate everything with an unbiased mind only seeking the truth and you will see from beginning to end we are all living a lie!

  10. WhyWhyWicki

    Both major parties continue to worship at the
    contaminated pile known as legal immigration.

    There would be a lot of American citizens alive today were it not for the scourge.

    Special thanxx to LBJ and Ronnie.

  11. WhyWhyWicki,

    I opted to post your comment because I never want people to think I would stop dialogue. Also I am such a strong believer in the first ammendment I belive it protects ignorant speech as well.

    I am the son of a legal immigrant. My father legally came to this country in 1963. He worked hard, learned the language, studied and one of his proudest days was the day he became a U.S. Citizen.

    Another proud day of his life was when his son, me, graduated boot camp and his son repayed his new country for the opprotunities he was provided.

    Another proud day was when I became a doctor and perhaps his proudest may have been the day his only son announced and became the republican nominee for congress. It’s a shame he contaminated our country and I turned out to be such a disappointment.

    I guess Cho now joins the ranks of all those other immigrants who committed mass murder: Kleibold, Harris, McVey, Gasey, Dalmer, Manson, Banks.. O wait they were all natural born U.S. citizens. My bad!

    As you hide behind anonynimity those of us who not only want to help the dialogue but shape our country will continue to fight to protect your rights.

    Keep up the Dialogue

  12. The problem with ascribing Cho’s action to “evil” is that it is extremely difficult to construct appropriate measures to combat an abstract concept like “evil”. In contrast it is and should be possible to prevent ex-convicts and people who have been involuntarily committed to mental health facilities like Cho from buying guns from gun dealers. I think the evidence is still out on whether Cho was suffering from delusions, or was just a bad person who was fascinated by violence and decided to murder a lot of his fellow college students because he didn’t fit in, or thought it would make him famous, or for some other reason. That makes him a lot more like the sociopathic gang murderers who shoot people to gain ‘respect’, or because they belong to a competing gang, or because they ‘disrespected’ the shooter or just looked at him funny. But the record suggests that relying on gun buyers (like Cho) to accurately self-report whether or not they have beeen involuntarily committed does not do much to protect the rest of us from gun violence.

    WhyWhy is off-base ascribing this to the immigrant issue. Nothing is more “American” than gun violence. Back in the 1840’s, my g-g-grandfather was murdered on the frontier, which was in Iowa at that time. On the other side of the family, an uncle was shot by a horse thief. That was in the 1870’s. Ready access and better guns make it possible to kill more people now. No other country on earth suffers or is willing to tolerate the level of gun violence endured here. There’s nothing I’ve seen in the record that suggests that Cho’s immigrant status contributed to this massacre, or that he was working for the CIA, or that Karl Rove influenced him in any way.

  13. Hi Mike

    “The problem with ascribing Cho’s action to “evil” is that it is extremely difficult to construct appropriate measures to combat an abstract concept like “evil”. Is exactly my point.

    There is no protecting ourselves against someone like Cho. He is going to kill, for whatever his motivation, by whatever means he could find.

    Thank you for the comment
    Keep up the Dialogue


  14. Hi Joe,
    I have a PA concealed carry permit and I usually have a firearm with me wherever I go, just in case. But when I was at university I had to make sure to not only keep the gun off my person, but also leave it out of my car because simply having it anwhere on campus is against the law.
    There were quite a few times when the thought went through my head that I’m probably a lot more likely to run into a crazed gunman at a school than at the bowling alley. If something terrible happened at my school I’d be running and pleading for my life just like everyone else, despite trying to take full advantage of my Second Amendment rights.
    And that’s PA. The odds are good that there are a lot more people my age who are familiar with handling guns and are licensed to concealed carry in Virginia. And the tragedy didn’t happen in Northern Virginia–it was in Blacksburg, the reddest part of that red state.
    The point is, if some well-intentioned but clueless state legislators hadn’t infringed on Virginians’ Second Amendment rights to bear arms, the massacre would have been much less tragic and a lot of those kids would still be alive today.

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