Cho Seung-Hui — The Face of Evil

“You caused me to do this”
from Cho Seung-Hui’s note left in his dorm room

Cho Seung-Hui — The Face of Evil

By: Joe Leonardi

Many are looking to place blame for the Virginia Tech Massacre. The fault for this terrible tragedy is one person’s responsibility. Cho Seung-Hui is that person. Are there other mitigating factors? Of course there are. Should the counselors he had seen been more aggressive? Maybe. Should he have been placed on psychotropic medications? I don’t know. What if he already was taking them? How would that change the conversation? Should the school have warned students on campus there was a shooting? Most definitely. Should the opinion of his psychological evaluation, stating he was a danger to himself and others, have been made known to the authorities to prevent him from legally purchasing a gun? Dam straight. Would a change in any of the above have prevented this tragedy? Probably not.

I took time from writing because I wasn’t sure I was going to comment on this horrible tragedy. I put up a solitary sentence and had planned to post nothing else. However, in the time between the murders and today, I have witnessed events and news reports that make me shake my fist in anger and my head in disgust.

How can anyone on the right or the left turn this into a story about gun control? From Senator McCain coming out the same day and stating his support for the 2nd amendment to Rosie O’Donnell going on her tirade against gun ownership — I am sickened. This is not about gun control. It is about a mass murder!

We can debate gun control and the second amendment until we are blue in the face, stricter gun control would not have changed the outcome. Guns were banned on Virginia Tech’s campus, but this did not stop Cho Seung-Hui from bringing pistols into the dorm. If he could not have purchased the guns legally, he would have found another way to arm himself. If handguns were not attainable, he would have found another weapon. While guns may be the most common way many mass murders are committed, they are not the only possible tools of destruction. Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City used a homemade bomb. The largest school murder in U.S. history did not involve guns it too used explosives.

The Bath School Disaster happened in 1927; in a time before ultra violent movies were in vogue and prior to the “culture of violence” we constantly hear about whenever something like this happens. We must realize that sometimes evil is in our midst. It can not always be recognized and it can not always be stopped. Cho Seung-Hui would have found a way to fulfill his “manifesto. We can not apply logic to the illogical. We can not apply sense to the nonsensical.

I watched what was released last night from the packet Cho Seung-Hui sent to NBC. In the airing of the story we were made privy to the thoughts of a madman. He was methodical in his planning. He was resolute in his determination. He was calculating enough that between shootings he went to the post office to mail his “manifesto” to the media. All of this, and I’m sure there is more, demonstrated that Cho Seung-Hui was going to murder and then kill himself. If not the students in the classrooms, it would have been students or others somewhere else.

Not every tragedy is political and unfortunately, not every tragedy is preventable. Cho Seung-Hui was a disturbed young man. His mind did not function rationally, logically nor compassionately. He murdered without feeling. He murdered without discrimination. He simply murdered.

Joe Leonardi


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10 responses to “Cho Seung-Hui — The Face of Evil

  1. The tragedy is being used for several agendas now.

    I feel terribly sorry for the victims and their families and for all other victims in the universities of the world especially in Iraq now.

  2. campuslady

    I have been listening to CNN about the Virgina Tech Massacure. I know Cho. I could be Cho. Any body that feels the pain of the abused children could be Cho. When I read his screen plays, I was not suprised. His work is no move violent then mainstream horror shows. I wonder what he say in those 8 years in South Korea? What did he hear?

    When I read his “manifesto” that is online, I heard him rant against the man who said he killed the Bonet girl. He ranted against the women who walked away from molesting her student.

    Yes, Cho, you went too far. But, I understand when you went to college, you thought you would be able to carry on intelligent dialong with your plays, but instead they looked at you like a creep. They laughed at you behind your back and to your face.

    The media know it all’s on MSNBC that are trying to diagnose you; they do not understand or believe in the ability to know when your in a room with pedofile’s, or sitting next to a victim of sexual abuse, and hear his or her silent anguish. Fighting their own ghosts and deamons.

    Your family did not understand when you were little that you had no reason to speak, you knew what they were thinking, you had no reason to reply to their hypocritic talking.

    As many people light candles and hold vigils for those sacrificed.I will light a candle for you, for you sacrificed your very soul to try and show people what you knew. That the real evil that sucks on the emotion of fear and especially the sweet nectar of the innocent child, is all around us. No one has any real power to stop the abuse. Not our laws, not our cops, no one.

    My father told me that those kind in the old days, were taken care of during hunting season.

    What I grieve for, Cho, is that since you took your own life, you have to spend your next life working on the same issues. You will spend no time resting. Your warrior spirit will come back soon. And maybe this time, you will find the right people to listen. Maybe by the time you are old enough to start fighting society will be ready to hear your message.

  3. jk

    NBC created this monster and they are trying to create another one by playing his propaganda video over and over. All the victims’ families should join together in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against NBC for wrongful death. You don’t believe it? Well, why did he sent his garbage to NBC? He knew that his propaganda would be shown by them because all he was really doing was mimicking their propaganda anyway. The Left says all us crackers deserve to die for what some moronic morons who lived 200 years ago did, and this guy just took that stupidity to it’s illogical conclusion. NBC is Cho’s father and ABC is his mother, and they are proud of their bastard child. Just turn on the TV and you can see their pride and joy.

  4. a

    Although I believe that Cho is the ultimate and single cause of this event, we must realize that our behaviour towards certain people enhances the hatred in people like this sick bast***. For every moment we as a society oppress and ostracize people like him, the more hatred will accumulate. We need to stop differentiating society and accept and embrace people who need help.

    Nevertheless, I will wear maroon and orange tommorow and I will mourn for all of the slain victims. I constantly try to get rid of Cho’s face out of my mind and remember in memoriam all of thr victims, yet at times I can’t. Blame the media, blame whoever, but in all seriousness, blame that sick bast*** Cho. He is an anomaly to society, and although we could have helped him, if he was “morally straight” as he said he was, he would have sought help and surrounded himself with the right people. He is nowhere close to the Lord, and he will rot in the depths with Lucifer.

  5. I haven’t found a way to write about this madness since it’s just that. And I was repulsed by both sides trying to make points about gun control. Right now I think the media should stop the 24/7 coverage.

  6. What a horrible event to have taken place, I agree that all the blame is to be put on “the Gunman”, however in time much discussion will be needed to stop things like this from happening again, as there were many warning signs.

  7. Very true. People are hijaking the event all over the spectrum, and it’s sickening.

  8. who cares

    This kid gets tormented all his life by the people around him and its his fault he snaps? What about all the people who laughed at him in High School?

    Instead of changing laws, maybe what should be changed is how we treat one another.

    I also have a problem with labeling him as “nonlogical.” 1. Isn’t that what happened to him all his life, being dismissed as a person? 2. His manifesto does make sense, its simple. He was pushed and he pushed back. Anyone who has ever been mistreated sometime in his/her life to some extent understands his logic, though his actions were far to extreme. Then again, how many people are pushed to the limit like Cho was?

    My point is, as much as I see him as a an evil person, let us not be the judge of his soul. Because as you label him a sick bastard, there are those out there who have been pushed near their limits and those very people will find this guy inspiration just as Cho found the Columbine shooters to be his inspiration.

    As I reflect on this event, am I wrong to feel partly responsible for his actions?

  9. A genuinely excellent publish by you my friend. I’ve bookmarked this page and will occur back following several days to examine for any new posts which you make.

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