Imus Update II

Imus, as of today, is gone from the radio — for now. I don’t like the mumbling malcontent and I can’t think of anyone more deserving, but this all begs the question —

Who will the bloviating brimsonters silence next?

How will you respond when someone with whom you agree with is forced off the air? What if someone is pressured off the air whose words are nothing more than a different political view?

If the market dictated this I’m glad, I just wish NBC and CBS would own up to it. If it was something else, Rush, Savage, Hannity etal. —
hang on to your microphones.

Free speech is not just about what you want to say. It is also about defending the right of someone to say something who does not agree with you.

Joe Leonardi



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7 responses to “Imus Update II

  1. Free speak isn’t free speak if you have silenced everyone who disagrees with you.
    “Free speech is not just about what you want to say. It is also about defending the right of someone to say something who does not agree with you.” Read your quote, then think.

  2. Hi Gary,

    I just read your post on your site. I could be wrong, but I was always under the impression Imus was liberal. Granted I really didn’t listen much. I used to be in radio and just couldn’t stand the fact that Imus doesn’t enunciate (spelling corrected) his words.

    Just read an article and again I think he was more Democratic leaning the Republican
    This is the article:
    The Los Angeles Times — Democrats have lost an important pipeline with Imus gone:

    Thanks for the Comment
    Keep up the Dialogue


  3. wrightelz

    It’s a good thing you were in radio and not the print media — I think the word you were after in that last reply is ‘enunciate.’

  4. Good catch, I typed it on the fly between projects at the office, and didn’t look it over.



  5. Jim

    I am a to each his own kind of guy and could care less what anyone else says or does unless it infringes on my “space” I believe 100% in free speech but I also believe in the rule I taught all my sons and that is engage brain befor opening mouth.
    That said, you mention Hannity, Limbaugh, and others. They fall into the category of “engage brain befor opening mouth” if they consciously admit to doing this then they should be held accountable for lying and helping Bush and the NeoCons sink our America.
    Imus did not engage brain but should not be held accountable for exercising freedom of speech but rather for abusing it to the detriment of still growing hopefully productive youth.
    I still do not believe he should sacrifice his career and livelyhood, However I do believe in “the punishment should fit the crime”. In his defense he had a forty year career. To me if he made a mistake and learned as he says he has then He should keep his home and posessions earned during that time but sacrifice the money he saved from bad mouthing others. He should then start over as he says he wants too. Not to build on illicit gains.
    I may be a bit hard but I am a disciplinarian! Imus is not alone but as you know has a lot of company. I think whether Politicians or media they must tow the line of social and public responsibility and respect everyone else and their beliefs. Bottom it is wrong to think that you can be as ignorant as you want and be protected by freedom of speech! I only hope everyone starts to be held accountable for the degeneration of our system of values.
    This loss of our values of old kills me Just imagine how all this makes our parents and grandparents feel!

  6. Lee

    I don’t think anyone destroyed Imus’ freedom of speech. He has just as much freedom to speak and to say any fool thing that comes into his head as he did two weeks ago. As do you and I.
    The question was: Should he continue *to be paid a boatload of money* for saying any fool thing like he said. The answer, for now anyway, is No. And that doesn’t seem to me like an abridgement of free speech at all.
    Put another way, he can continue to go anywhere he likes, any time he likes, and call black women “nappy headed hos.” So can you and I (though I doubt we will). He just won’t get paid to say it, and neither will you or I. Free speech rocks.

  7. I had listen to Imus a couple of times, but I was not impressed by him, however I have heard far worse from other people on TV or Radio and they keep their jobs. As far as I’m concern this was a Hypocrisy by Sharpton and others who support Hip Hop music that degrades Black Women far more than what Imus said.

    I agree with you that freedom is far more than just defending what people say that you like, it is most of the time defending the right for someone to say or do something you don’t like.

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