Don Imus is a jerk! What’s new?

Who referred to Jewish people as “Hymies” and New York as “Hymietown.” ? The Reverend Jesse Jackson
Who has never apologized for accusations hurled during the Tawana Brawley incident? The Reverend Al Sharpton
Don Imus is a jerk! What’s new?
By: Joe Leonardi

The other day on Imus in the Morning Don Imus said something insensitive, sexist and racist. Is this something new? Nope! Should anyone be offended if they are attacked by the inane Imus? Get serious — consider the source and move on. To be offended by an idiot is just not worth the effort.

However, the outrage has begun and those ambulance chasing, pontificating paragons of the civil rights movement, the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are hollering the loudest. These two men who haven’t encountered a civil rights situation, real or manufactured, that they haven’t managed to make themselves, not the issues, the headline — are at it again.

Now the duping duo have turned their megaphones on Don Imus. In general I don’t think it could happen to a more deserving guy. The muttering motormouth came to Scranton several years ago to do a live broadcast. The front desk of the Radisson, for some reason, wouldn’t put a call from his wife through to his room. (I guess the Imus’s couldn’t afford cell phones) When the garbled gabber learned of this horrific incident, he threw a teenaged temper tantrum and stormed out of town. He drove through the early morning darkness to New York, did his show live and proceeded to verbally eviscerate Scranton. Because of this incident I have a bias against the I-Man.

Imus has a history of racist commentary. His radio adversary, Howard Stern, claims that Imus freely used the “N” word at WNBC and last night on the O’Reilly Factor, Michelle Malkin made some claims about him using the word off camera during a 60 minutes interview. I don’t know if these statements are true, but I would assume that if they aren’t, old marble mouth Imus may be suing.

Imus has been suspended for two weeks, but the radio and T.V. folks are giving him the better part of a week before he starts his hiatus. That I don’t get, but I must admit I watched him today on MSNBC, so I’m guessing there is a method to their madness. I am sure this whole incident will turn Imus in the Morning into a ratings bonanza. I would assume many will watch or listen this week and his return will have the masses dialed in. Imus needs the boost, his ratings are generally considered abysmal. I have a feeling the controversy will help him more than hurt him.

Now back to Al and Jesse. They are screaming for Don to loose his livelihood. They want him to resign or be fired, then I assume tarred and feathered. His apology is not enough, bring them the head of Don the Imus. I can only say Al and Jesse, please — shut up. Stop your hypocritical rhetoric and just go away. If you are so concerned about hate speak then why don’t you demand that every program director who programs songs with the same, if not more vile hate speak be fired. Why don’t you demand that comedians who use similar hateful language be barred from television?

The Reverends Sharpton and Jackson are Christian ministers. Sinner Don Imus has apologized and sought forgiveness. When a Christian is asked for forgiveness he or she is obligated to forgive. Yet the bloviating brimstoners demand retribution — an eye for an eye!

Should Imus be fired? That is up to his employers. It took them a while to suspend him so I’m guessing they didn’t think this was that big a deal. If his ratings go down, and his advertisers abandon him the market will dictate his job status. However, he should not be fired because unforgiving Christian ministers demand he be fired. The truth about freedom of speech is that people who are hateful, bigoted, stupid, racist or are just plain jerks also are protected.

Anyone who makes a living in broadcasting should be afraid. If the holy hypocrites are successful and the mumbling malcontent is axed — who will they target next?

Joe Leonardi



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26 responses to “Don Imus is a jerk! What’s new?

  1. Harry

    Mr. Leonardi – I agree with you about the hypocrisy of Jackson and Sharpton in this matter. I am baffled why each of them are not asked about this when they are interviewed. I hadn’t read your blog in a few days so after the Imus story, I read your posting on Pelosi’s trip to Syria. I disagree with your take on that event. But, relating somewhat to the Imus matter, shouldn’t the Republican Congressmen who travelled there receive the same scrutiny as Pelosi. Perhaps placing their names in the “headline” with Pelosi above your comments might have been appropriate to avoid any accusation of hypocrisy as to double standards.

  2. Rob

    don’t change the subject to sharpton and jackson
    what you thing people are fools

  3. Rob

    your the one that’s changing the subject to sharpton and jackson what you thing people are fools is this a Fox News blog

  4. Rob

    what is this a Fox News blog, your the one changing the subject to jackson and sharpton

  5. Yep. Those two (Jesse and Al) always get a free pass from the mainstream media.

  6. Hi Harry,

    Thanks for commenting, but IRT the Speaker, I didn’t take issue with the trip, I took issue with ther stated purpose of ‘reviving relations’ as far as I know the Republicans didn’t say that, if they did I would take them to task as well. I said in the post that I had no problem with the trip itself.

    Keep up the Dialogue


  7. Hi Rob,

    Not changing the subject I am including them in my commentary because they interjected themselves into the subject.

    I invite you to check out the rest of the site if you or anyone thinks this is a fox new blog……

    Thanks for the Comment
    Keep up the Dialgoue


  8. Hi Joe,
    I linked to you from Salem’s Lots.
    Interesting post.
    While I wish this whole debacle would go away, I’m glad it is sparking some much needed dialogue.
    I posted on it, as well…some honest questions. Just trying to understand.

  9. Well said, well thought out. Imus has been doing this kind of thing for years. It’s his “schtick.” Why would anyone be surprised? But then, feigning outrage is bread n’ butter for Sharpton, Jackson, etc.

  10. Hi Joe,
    Another interesting thing about the whole affair is who’s come out to stick up for Imus’ free speech rights. Rosie O’Donnell, Bill Maher, Howard Fineman. I have a feeling they’d be singing a different tune if it was Rush or Hannity who said something like that.

  11. Harry

    Joe – Thanks for your reply to my comment re: Pelosi’s trip. I reread your entry …and stand corrected. Thanks.

  12. kg whitaker

    This was bound to happen to him. He was a shock jock who tried to transform himself to a talk show host with serious content. Although not a regular listener, sometimes people he had on were interesting. He has always tried to hold onto his old “shock jock” listeners by sometimes falling into that genre. It jumped up and bit him.

    Whether on or off the air will make almost no difference in the overall scheme of things. The media coverage has done more to hurt the girls at Rutgers. If the media had not gone so bonkers, most people would have never even known about it and the players wouldn’t have to be answering questions.

  13. Jim

    I do not know Don’s party but since you write it seems to straighten out your party I have to assume he is a Republican. That said, I have to say you did a good unbiased job on this too. Jackson and Sharpton are frequently reprehensible. Sharpton especially is racist to me. I thought it was pretty funny when he found out about that Senator whose name escapes me right now but you will remember him.
    I couldn’t believe what Imus said but I don’t think he should pay for it with his career. I am afraid though that he will. Jackson and Sharpton may be Christians but Christianity does not dictate their actions race and politics does.

  14. Hi Jim,

    If their Christianity does not influence their actions, then they should drop the title Reverend in the political realm.


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  16. Anonymous

    Will Sharpton, Jackson, et al be demanding that the young woman who brought the false charges against the Duke players be charged (it is a crime to falsely accuse someone of a crime)? The lives of these three young men have been changed forever.

  17. While I agree with many of your points, I think telling Sharpton and Jackson to shut up goes too far. I would be careful about setting up straw-men– from what I’ve seen Sharpton has pursued a respectful and reasonable dialogue.

    Don’t discredit the important work he’s done; the relatively recent activism surrounding the death of Sean Bell comes to mind.

    Once again, I would emphasize the context of Imus’s remarks. Stereotypes and racial epithets have been fodder for comedy and music for decades, and while the material is not viewed as tasteful it is generally tolerated under the guise of “artistic” freedom. Imus thoughtlessly abused a moment of victory for the Rutgers team on talk radio.

    Listen to the comments of the Rutger’s basketball team on Democracy Now.

  18. Hi Joe. First time posting here. I found your take interesting and your writing very well done. I like to look at both sides of the issues, and I have already wrote two of my own posts about the I-Man, and as far as I am concerned, Imus will survive this little bump in the road, and more than likely, as you have pointed out, will probably have a ratings jump after all is said and done.
    As far as the fearsome twosome is concerned, if it wasn’t Imus, it would have been someone else eventually.
    One last thing, I hope Don doesn’t lose his job over this, I mean let’s be honest here, Don was doing what he does best..being Don Imus.

  19. Hi Jon,

    I think if the College or the Team had asked either Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to come on board I would be less harsh. I feel that both these men often time become parodies of their past good works in the pursuit of self promotion.

    I am now watching both on MSNBC and they are trying, subtly, to take credit for Imus being fired from MSNBC. I worked in radio and have friends in T.V., no matter how they are trying to spin this, the reason he is gone is because sponsors were starting to drop off.

    I heard some of what the young women said, I admire their poise, grace and class. Don Imus’s stupidity and the fact he is jerk should not spoil there incredible accomplishment. What Imus said was horrible, it was so horrible that I wouldn’t even quote it in my column. Though what Imus said was horrid, I spent five years of my life defending his right to say it. It is like I said the first amendment just doesn’t protect nice, polite, favorable speech.

    I am glad he has been being dragged through the mud, I’m glad that MSNBC has let him go.

    A note about radio performers, be it DJ or talk show host, they are artists in their own realm. If we are going to use the guise of “artistic” freedom for musicians and comics we must extend it to radio performers. I don’t feel artistic freedom is an excuse for bigotry.

    Both Reverend Jackson and Sharpton have used anti-Semitic comments in the past. They apologized and were forgiven, however in this case they choose to ask for Imus’s job and in that vein I stand by telling Reverends Sharpton and Jackson to shut up. I don’t feel you get to cast the first stone for the same sins you have committed. And when a person asks forgiveness and you emphasize that you are a man of God, by using the title Reverend, then you should demonstrate Christian values. Don Imus apologized and Reverend Sharpton chose not to accept. That is okay, but it may be time to drop Reverend and go by Mr. Sharpton.

    Thanks for the Comment
    Keep up the Dialogue

  20. Hi Blucollar,

    Well Imus is gone from MSNBC, I saw that coming as soon as the sponsors started jumping ship. Like I just said no matter NBC’s spin, his firing is due to the sponsors fleeing. And that I have no problem with, that is how the market works.

    Thanks for the Comment
    Keep up the Dialogue

  21. Ted

    My observation is that people in general are prejudice across the board, and even issues that should seem to make sense get colored by things that, are not a part of the situation. If a felon witness a killing, should he not be able to speak about it. I know we have certain people who love to be in the spot light, and if anything, that should be the behavior that we say “so what’s new” about. If this country is to be what it should be for everybody, we should never tolerate Imus or anybody making those kind of remarks. I’m sorry! what ever Jesse or Al have done or said. Does not minimize this situation. As for The network, being slow to remove him. When sponsors, who pay the freight start to pull out. The network will understand that, real quick.

  22. Hi Ted,

    First I genuinely hope you are incorrect about people being prejudiced across the board.

    I agree that what Jesse or Al have done or said doesn’t minimize this situation. My comments about them was not to minimize Imus. I was/am appalled by Imus, like I said he is a jerk. My comments were in addition to Imus.

    I think that if you have used racist, more specifically anti-Semitic comments, while using the title Reverend, have a history of jumping up and becoming the story instead of the issue, etc… those are the traits I was pointing out about Jesse and Al demonstrating their hypocrisy. You are correct they have a right to comment, unfortunately they appear to desire to become the story.

    As I responded in an earlier response if either one was asked to come on board by the College or the Team I would have had a different opinion.

    Thanks for the Comment
    Keep up the Dialogue

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  24. LOLLY


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