A Challenge

“In private life there are few beings more obnoxious than the man who is always loudly boasting, and if the boaster is not prepared to back up his words, his position becomes absolutely contemptible.”
Theodore Roosevelt

A Challenge
by: Joe Leonardi

I started wondering today; Why is it that our Armed Forces are stretched so thin? Why have we had to lower standards and increase the age limit to get people to join the different branches? Why aren’t there more people serving today? With all the brash young Republicans telling us how right the President is, I would think there would be a rush to join the military. But, alas there isn’t. Again I ask why?

Anyone who has looked at this site, worked on my campaign or met me in person is well aware I am very disappointed in the direction the Republican party has gone and where I see it going. I put the demise of my beloved GOP squarely on the shoulders of the Neo-Cons. I have previously discussed this in Warning Conservative Republicans.

Unfortunately many Republicans under thirty only heard about, read or saw video of Ronald Reagan. Most of this group has been weaned into political life with the Neo-Cons defining the Republican Party. President Reagan spent the bulk of his national political life bucking the Rockefeller Republicans. It took forty years from Barry Goldwater to Ronald Reagan for conservatism to finally emerge as the definition of Republican. Today, my fellow Conservatives, we are once again in a battle for the heart of our Party. Not against the Rockefeller Republicans, there are still a few out there, but against the Neo-Cons.

The founders of the Neo-Con movement are former Democrats/Socialist who couldn’t find a home in the Democratic Party. They drifted over to the Republican Party and methodically ingrained themselves into the power structure of today’s GOP. They are individuals who want to use the military at the drop of a hat, but have never served a day in uniform. They are individuals who never knew what a real days work was, they spend there lives with their heads buried in books and the world of theory. They are never the doers.

The young Republicans are only following the example of those that lead the party today. George W. Bush’s influential father placed him in the Guard. And let’s be honest, just because the Guard is actively deployed today, that was not the case during Vietnam. The Guard was an almost sure way to avoid going to war. Dick Cheney received deferment after deferment because he had more important things to do. And of course Bush family spokesperson, Rush Limbaugh, had the biggest joke condition of them all to avoid service. So it is only natural that today’s young Republicans expect others to fight their battles. They have not been raised by the examples of leaders who demonstrate bravery.

Although I don’t fault our young Republicans, I do challenge them. They yell and scream Madison Avenue catch phrases like “cut and run”, instead of taking definitive action. Throughout our history just wars have brought out the privileged class to serve. In World War I, President Theodore Roosevelt’s sons served. World War II had the Kennedy’s, George H.W. Bush and Franklin Roosevelt’s sons all in the military. Where is the rush today to sign up and join the battle. President Bush’s nephew has joined the Naval Reserve, honorable but why not get right to active duty? How many serving in Iraq bear the name Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh or Hannity. I remember over the summer Hannity had is nephew working for him. Why didn’t he encourage him to join the Armed Forces? Come to think of it, why didn’t Hannity join? He may have a been a year or two too old, but I’m sure the military could have made an exception for him. Do I have to answer? I don’t think so.

Before all you self-righteous, young Republicans or Neo-Cons blog or say another derogatory comment about a real military hero like Senator Chuck Hagel — a man who didn’t hide behind trumped up deferments, bogus physical ailments or an influential daddy, but answered his country’s call —- take me up on this challenge. If you are between 18 and 35 years old, you believe that to leave Iraq is to “cut and run”, that President Bush’s policies in the mideast are just, Iraq was a real threat to U.S. security and sovereignty and more troops are the answer —- Get off your @$$ and get down to your local recruiting office, join the Armed Forces and become part of the surge you so feverently champion.

It is time to grow up and stop letting others fight your battles. It may be cliché but —-
                            PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

Joe Leonardi



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13 responses to “A Challenge

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  2. Twok

    That is weak squeal that sounds suspiciously like a liberal faggot.

    The whine about ‘if you support the war, you have to join up’ is just plain dumb. That means one cannot support the war in Afghanistan either, then.

    So why does this apply only to wars that you don’t like? Why does anyone have the right to support Afghanistan, but supporting the Iraq War requires joining up?

    Grow a brain.

  3. Twok

    My god, you are just as bad as the left-wing faggots.

    Was 9/11 the only terror attack against the US?

    You may want to educate yourself about the 1993 WTC bombing, the USS Cole, the 1996 Khobar Towers, the 1998 Kenya/Tanzania embassies, and the 1983 Marine Barracks bombings.

    Plus, you may also want to educate yourself about the bombings in London, Madrid, Bombay, Bali, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, and the school massacre in Beslan.

    Radical Islam has conducted a wide array of terror attacks against many countries, and against the US before 9/11.

    Go educate yourself.

  4. Jim

    I agree with you of course and would like to see many of therm take you up on the challeng. you know 2 of my own sons are in this and right now my 18 year old is trying to join the Marines so he can go do his share. I think everyone should have to serve with no exemption beyond real disability.
    I have done many stories on this in the past and in light of your Challenge today I want to pose my last story on this to you!
    Bush’s Military:No Gays, No tattoos, No Gang Bangers, No under educated, no excessive Indebtedness, who’s left to kill and die for Bush! http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/3/29/15541/1965

  5. See “300” and tell me your thoughts. What a bag of warm air you are.

  6. Hi Mick,

    Since I live my life in the real world and not in a movie, I’m not too worried about basing my opinion on a film.
    I gave 5 years of my life in service of this country in the U.S. Navy. I am proud of that time, and I was ready and willing to give my life for my country. Enjoy fantasyland.

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the dialogue.


  7. I salute you. But you have become a PC, moderate slug.

  8. Dear Twok,

    I am very educated on all that you have mentioned. Again, where is the connection with Iraq? I am all for hunting down and KILLING anyone responsible for terror attacks on our country.

    I never said it required joining up if you support Iraq. But for those who like to throw bombs and are too frightened to back up their words, while brave men and women fight their battles — I am gonna call them out.

    I have always put my money, my health or whatever it takes on the line when I believe in something. It is a mind set that most timid individuals will never understand.

    I gave 5 years to our country in the Navy. I am proud of that time and I would have gone wherever my commander and chief sent me, whether I believed it was just or not. But if you out there are so convinced that Iraq was the answer I say again. Get off your @$$, get to your recruiting office and become part of the surge you so vehemently believe in.
    Instead of asking other to fight for you go out there and be part of the team. I strongly oppose the draft, but I wonder how many would be so supportive if we had one.

    All I did was put out a challenge. To get so worked up over a challenge is amazing. Instead of stepping up to the plate and accepting you choose to lash out with childish taunts.

    I am intersted in all dialogue and I left your post intact.

    Thanks for posting and
    Keep up the Dialogue


  9. Joe, 50,000 Americans die in auto accidents each year. So just working and living every day lives is dangerous. Downtown Detroit and New Orleans is more violent than outside the green zone in Iraq.

  10. Hi Mick,

    I appreciate your comments and respect the fact you put your name to your posts.
    I made a challenge to see if people had the courage of their conviction. Instead of courage I have been met, by supporters of the war, with taunts, name calling and excuses not to join the fight.
    Jim, who I think, is opposed to the war may loose his sons, however his comment was civil.

    My main point is that if people are convinced this is the right thing to do, sacrifice and join the battle. We have such little courage that people hide behind anonymous postings. When I opted to do this I not only decided to sign my name to each post, but put my name in the URL.

    Besides according to your stat— the chance of getting killed in Iraq isn’t that great.

    Keep up the Dialogue


  11. I’m not eligible, or I would join up. (I’m considered too old). Hopefully, age shouldn’t be cut off at 35, (42 for those in the reserves). I think it should be based on fitness.

  12. Hawk

    TWOK has you figured out, or, has himself figured out, “chickenhawk, is the description.

    And your right, true Republicans could have NOT accepted those Neo-Cons same as the Dems did but, took them under the wings why?

    Power and $$$$ that’s why, it seems to be the only motivator.

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