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One Liberal’s Revisionist Version of the Virginia Tech Tragedy

“You caused me to do this”
from Cho Seung-Hui’s note left in his dorm room

The fault for this terrible tragedy is one person’s responsibility. Cho Seung-Hui is that person.
Joe Leonardi

One Liberal’s Revisionist Version of the Virginia Tech Tragedy
by: Joe Leonardi

It was my intention not to write any further about the Virginia Tech murders — this morning that changed. I was watching the McLaughlin Group and I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. The far left liberal Lawrence O’Donnell insinuated that the Bush administration and the Republicans were responsible for the murders because they did not reauthorize the assault weapons ban. He not once, placed any blame on Cho Seung-Hui. He went on further to intimate that this would have never happened under the Clinton Administration. I was unaware that President Clinton had stepped down prior to April 20, 1999. If you are not aware of the significance of that day, it is the date of the Columbine Massacre. The assault weapons ban, the repeal of which the obtuse O’Donnell faulted for the Virginia Tech tragedy, had been in effect for five years and was still in effect in April of 1999. Like Harris and Klebold who violated state and federal laws, legislation was not going to stop Cho. These individuals, driven by whatever demons, were intent on committing these evil acts.

However, the most disturbing aspect of lying Lar was his insistence that Cho Seung-Hui used fully automatic weapons in commission of these murders. When challenged about this by Pat Buchanan, Larry’s lips kept spewing lies. He was insistent that Cho only had to hold down the trigger and the weapons fired round after round, spraying bullets everywhere. When Buchanan attempted to further dispute this, John McLaughlin bailed O’Donnell out and changed the subject.

I had stated in my last column this is not about gun control it is about mass murder. Unfortunately those on the left have opted to turn this tragedy into a rallying point for restricting the second amendment. It is shameful that people can’t see this for what it is, an act of pure evil

What stunned me about Lawrence O’Donnell is it didn’t matter to him what actually happened. He employed the tactic that when the facts didn’t support his argument — lie. When challenged — lie louder. If you could have seen O’Donnell you would not have believed that this was a professional pundit. He was admonishingly arrogant and would not be questioned. At one point I thought he was going to jump out of his chair and pummel Pat. As Mr. Buchanan tried to correct him he went off on a tangent that Cho couldn’t have done as much damage with a knife, which is correct. However, the factually challenged far left liberal wouldn’t even consider what Buchanan said about other means at Cho’s disposal. Mr. O’Donnell I refer you to the 1927 Bath School Disaster and Oklahoma City — the weapons of choice were explosives.

It is a discredit that the left is represented by a man so blinded by his hatred of the right that he can’t even engage in a meaningful discussion. The second amendment is not the issue in Virginia, the dishonorable destruction of life is. I stated in my last column that this was going to happen at some point and some place, no matter where and no matter what Cho had available. You see the weapons were not a 9 mm SEMI automatic Glock nor a 22. The weapon was Cho Seung-Hui.

Larry O’Donnell, robbed of his platform since the idealized liberal fable The West Wing was canceled, appears to be a frustrated man full of venom and hatred. Mr. O’Donnell should realize that when he is invited on these shows it is not to write another fictional script, it is to give insightful, expert input. Unfortunately I wonder if Mr. O’Donnell has started to live in the fantasy world he helped create.

Joe Leonardi



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Cho Seung-Hui — The Face of Evil

“You caused me to do this”
from Cho Seung-Hui’s note left in his dorm room

Cho Seung-Hui — The Face of Evil

By: Joe Leonardi

Many are looking to place blame for the Virginia Tech Massacre. The fault for this terrible tragedy is one person’s responsibility. Cho Seung-Hui is that person. Are there other mitigating factors? Of course there are. Should the counselors he had seen been more aggressive? Maybe. Should he have been placed on psychotropic medications? I don’t know. What if he already was taking them? How would that change the conversation? Should the school have warned students on campus there was a shooting? Most definitely. Should the opinion of his psychological evaluation, stating he was a danger to himself and others, have been made known to the authorities to prevent him from legally purchasing a gun? Dam straight. Would a change in any of the above have prevented this tragedy? Probably not.

I took time from writing because I wasn’t sure I was going to comment on this horrible tragedy. I put up a solitary sentence and had planned to post nothing else. However, in the time between the murders and today, I have witnessed events and news reports that make me shake my fist in anger and my head in disgust.

How can anyone on the right or the left turn this into a story about gun control? From Senator McCain coming out the same day and stating his support for the 2nd amendment to Rosie O’Donnell going on her tirade against gun ownership — I am sickened. This is not about gun control. It is about a mass murder!

We can debate gun control and the second amendment until we are blue in the face, stricter gun control would not have changed the outcome. Guns were banned on Virginia Tech’s campus, but this did not stop Cho Seung-Hui from bringing pistols into the dorm. If he could not have purchased the guns legally, he would have found another way to arm himself. If handguns were not attainable, he would have found another weapon. While guns may be the most common way many mass murders are committed, they are not the only possible tools of destruction. Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City used a homemade bomb. The largest school murder in U.S. history did not involve guns it too used explosives.

The Bath School Disaster happened in 1927; in a time before ultra violent movies were in vogue and prior to the “culture of violence” we constantly hear about whenever something like this happens. We must realize that sometimes evil is in our midst. It can not always be recognized and it can not always be stopped. Cho Seung-Hui would have found a way to fulfill his “manifesto. We can not apply logic to the illogical. We can not apply sense to the nonsensical.

I watched what was released last night from the packet Cho Seung-Hui sent to NBC. In the airing of the story we were made privy to the thoughts of a madman. He was methodical in his planning. He was resolute in his determination. He was calculating enough that between shootings he went to the post office to mail his “manifesto” to the media. All of this, and I’m sure there is more, demonstrated that Cho Seung-Hui was going to murder and then kill himself. If not the students in the classrooms, it would have been students or others somewhere else.

Not every tragedy is political and unfortunately, not every tragedy is preventable. Cho Seung-Hui was a disturbed young man. His mind did not function rationally, logically nor compassionately. He murdered without feeling. He murdered without discrimination. He simply murdered.

Joe Leonardi


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Virginia Tech

Our prayers and sympathies go out to all those touched by yesterday’s tragedy.


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Imus Update II

Imus, as of today, is gone from the radio — for now. I don’t like the mumbling malcontent and I can’t think of anyone more deserving, but this all begs the question —

Who will the bloviating brimsonters silence next?

How will you respond when someone with whom you agree with is forced off the air? What if someone is pressured off the air whose words are nothing more than a different political view?

If the market dictated this I’m glad, I just wish NBC and CBS would own up to it. If it was something else, Rush, Savage, Hannity etal. —
hang on to your microphones.

Free speech is not just about what you want to say. It is also about defending the right of someone to say something who does not agree with you.

Joe Leonardi


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The Meek Spineless National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC)

“Anyone who makes a living in broadcasting should be afraid. If the holy hypocrites are successful and the mumbling malcontent is axed — who will they target next?”
Joe Leonardi

‘ It is our feeling that this is only the beginning. We must have a broad discussion on what is permitted and not permitted in terms of the airwaves ‘.
The Reverend Al Sharpton

The Meek Spineless National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC)
By: Joe Leonardi

On Softball last night lightweight David Gregory, subbing for Hardball heavyweight Chris Mathews, interviewed NBC news President Steve Capus. I was aghast watching Mr. Capus sheepishly look down after almost every question was posed. I was wondering, is he too ashamed to look into the camera or was the entire interview scripted? I don’t know and I don’t care. Mr. Capus is a mealy mouth marshmallow who hid behind shameful excuses defending the Network’s decision to drop the Imus simulcast.

According to Mr. Capus, it had nothing to do with the growing list of large companies canceling sponsorship, i.e., money! Who is he trying to fool? It just so happens as the list gets larger and larger MSNBC pulls the cable; this had nothing to do with the decision? Please!

Mr. Capus awkwardly ducked, hid and spun stating it was the concerns expressed by employees of NBC that finalized the decision. He verbally expressed that NBC was more concerned with its reputation than money. Does anyone remember the fireworks, literally, on Dateline? Advertisers came back and Dateline is one of NBC’s most profitable shows. So, please Mr. Capus stop treating people like they are stupid. Of course Gregory really didn’t press him and later on Countdown MSNBC’s Mr. Liberal Keith Olbermann bowed-down just as quickly. When your network is the story how objectively can you cover it? Obviously, not at all. It was — pitiful. Even Mr. Integrity Olbermann admitted to not taking the network to task, in “reverence” to his bosses. Please Keith if this were FOX News, O’Reilly or anyone else with a conservative slant, you would have berated that individual into admitting that it was “about the money.” Heck Keith, you kept you mouth shut because of who pays you. Here are my suggestions for “worst person in the world”: Steve Capus, David Gregory and Keith Olbermann.

MSNBC needs to develop a backbone and admit that this was an economic decision. Anyone who has ever worked in either radio or television learns within a day — it is all about the money. In this case, I would prefer it to be about the money. If this decision was made in deference to the protesters, I am deeply disturbed. MSNBC reports the Imus situation in front of a large image of the Constitution, perhaps they should read it.

I wonder who is going to go next. What will we do if someone determines speech we agree with is inappropriate? If freedom of speech only applies to pleasant, agreeable and acceptable words, which type of speech will next be oppressed? Will Al Sharpton decide? Will David Duke? Last night, in comparison to Imus, Olbermann basically asked why is Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage still on the air? Will Keith now become the arbiter of what goes out over the airwaves?

!?Dammit — Where is the ACLU?!

We really need to get over being offended by words. Should I be offended every time the Soprano’s stereotype those of Italian descent? Should I be offended every time someone says, Chiropractors are quacks? American’s get offended way too easily. Sometimes it isn’t the words, it the response to the words that demonstrate character.

I don’t like Don Imus, he’s a jerk and I am glad he was taken off MSNBC. I am ecstatic that the market took care of itself. If Don Imus wasn’t taken off MSNBC I would have done what I have always done when it comes to old marble mouth, I simply wouldn’t watch.

However, I am distraught that the powers at NBC news have no courage. In an effort to boost their own image they used their employees to hide the fact that they are what they rail against; Capitalists.

Joe Leonardi


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Imus Update

The advertisers started falling by the wayside and MSNBC said goodbye to the Imus in the Morning Simulcast. I believe MSNBC started seeing the writing on the wall. Now we will see what happens over at CBS. I’m sure the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson will try and claim some influence, but I genuinely believe it was the advertisers pulling the money.

After the dust settles I will write more.

Joe Leonardi

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Don Imus is a jerk! What’s new?

Who referred to Jewish people as “Hymies” and New York as “Hymietown.” ? The Reverend Jesse Jackson
Who has never apologized for accusations hurled during the Tawana Brawley incident? The Reverend Al Sharpton
Don Imus is a jerk! What’s new?
By: Joe Leonardi

The other day on Imus in the Morning Don Imus said something insensitive, sexist and racist. Is this something new? Nope! Should anyone be offended if they are attacked by the inane Imus? Get serious — consider the source and move on. To be offended by an idiot is just not worth the effort.

However, the outrage has begun and those ambulance chasing, pontificating paragons of the civil rights movement, the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are hollering the loudest. These two men who haven’t encountered a civil rights situation, real or manufactured, that they haven’t managed to make themselves, not the issues, the headline — are at it again.

Now the duping duo have turned their megaphones on Don Imus. In general I don’t think it could happen to a more deserving guy. The muttering motormouth came to Scranton several years ago to do a live broadcast. The front desk of the Radisson, for some reason, wouldn’t put a call from his wife through to his room. (I guess the Imus’s couldn’t afford cell phones) When the garbled gabber learned of this horrific incident, he threw a teenaged temper tantrum and stormed out of town. He drove through the early morning darkness to New York, did his show live and proceeded to verbally eviscerate Scranton. Because of this incident I have a bias against the I-Man.

Imus has a history of racist commentary. His radio adversary, Howard Stern, claims that Imus freely used the “N” word at WNBC and last night on the O’Reilly Factor, Michelle Malkin made some claims about him using the word off camera during a 60 minutes interview. I don’t know if these statements are true, but I would assume that if they aren’t, old marble mouth Imus may be suing.

Imus has been suspended for two weeks, but the radio and T.V. folks are giving him the better part of a week before he starts his hiatus. That I don’t get, but I must admit I watched him today on MSNBC, so I’m guessing there is a method to their madness. I am sure this whole incident will turn Imus in the Morning into a ratings bonanza. I would assume many will watch or listen this week and his return will have the masses dialed in. Imus needs the boost, his ratings are generally considered abysmal. I have a feeling the controversy will help him more than hurt him.

Now back to Al and Jesse. They are screaming for Don to loose his livelihood. They want him to resign or be fired, then I assume tarred and feathered. His apology is not enough, bring them the head of Don the Imus. I can only say Al and Jesse, please — shut up. Stop your hypocritical rhetoric and just go away. If you are so concerned about hate speak then why don’t you demand that every program director who programs songs with the same, if not more vile hate speak be fired. Why don’t you demand that comedians who use similar hateful language be barred from television?

The Reverends Sharpton and Jackson are Christian ministers. Sinner Don Imus has apologized and sought forgiveness. When a Christian is asked for forgiveness he or she is obligated to forgive. Yet the bloviating brimstoners demand retribution — an eye for an eye!

Should Imus be fired? That is up to his employers. It took them a while to suspend him so I’m guessing they didn’t think this was that big a deal. If his ratings go down, and his advertisers abandon him the market will dictate his job status. However, he should not be fired because unforgiving Christian ministers demand he be fired. The truth about freedom of speech is that people who are hateful, bigoted, stupid, racist or are just plain jerks also are protected.

Anyone who makes a living in broadcasting should be afraid. If the holy hypocrites are successful and the mumbling malcontent is axed — who will they target next?

Joe Leonardi


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