Scranton City Council

Scranton City Council
Joe Leonardi

I normally don’t comment on the local scene, but this needs to be put out there for all to see.

Scranton City Council President Judy Gatelli has opted to discontinue televising council meetings.  All must question the wisdom of this decision.  Television and the internet have opened up  incredible venues for citizens to be more directly involved in their government than at any time in history.  This blatant attempt to stop the citizens of Scranton access to their elected officials has me both dismayed and unsurprised.

There are many reasons given, you can search the web and read them.  I would like to comment on the one aspect I have not noticed mentioned. The power of the incumbency.  As a candidate for Congress I was able to witness this first hand.  In this vein, is it possible, that when the offer to put cameras in council chambers was first proposed members thought; “free face time?”  Is it possible that the council members were of the mind set that the people can see what we are doing and we don’t have to pay to get our message out? I opine that this is a real possiblity.

So if I’m right, what happened?  Obviously some of these meetings have denigrated into verbal free-for-alls and the mishandling of these occurrences are being broadcast for all to see.  Now Council President Gatelli and other council members are not looking so good — the cameras are removed.

Very interesting.

Joe Leonardi


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