John and Elizabeth Edwards

My prayers go out to John and Elizabeth Edwards and their family.

Many of us here in Northeast PA have been touched by the cruel disease, Cancer.  Defeating cancer is a battle that requires full attention and we wish them well.




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2 responses to “John and Elizabeth Edwards

  1. Jim

    I just went to you article on what is happening to our wouned veterans. I am answering it here because I have an interest in this too. Your coverage of the issues mirror my own and I like what you have to say.
    I get angrier by the minute as to the healthcare of our soldiers because now I have a 3rd son who is in the process of joining the Marines and I am sick of Bush saying how much he cares for them and what is happening at the likes of Walter Reed while he as the Decider is the one who gave the okay to close Walter Reed and privatize healthcare there and he plans on cutting the funding for medical care once again in 2008. I am so sick of the two faced underhanded crap Bush continues to get away with.
    Ronald Reagan: Yes Reagan would be crying today! Especially if he listened to the East Berliners who now want the wall back up. He would also be sickened as he sees the horriffic result of the new order he set in motion.
    He would realize what is happening here and around the world is the result of George W. Bush, a Reagan wanabe trying and failing to emulate him.
    I always say that is you have to work to be like someone else you have already fallen short. It must come from you naturally and it does not with Bush. He is a failure and always has been. So what do they do? They elect him as President so he can cheerlead their new order through but it will fail miserabley to the demise of all of us!

  2. Jim,
    Please thank your sons for thier service.

    Thank you for the comment and keep up the dialogue.


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