President Chuck Hagel ?

“Hagel is criticized for what many see as grandstanding on the Iraq war, but his critique of the problems we face there has been more right than wrong since our forces landed there.” “He may be right or wrong on Iraq, but no one can question his base conservatism or his devotion to a strong United States.”
American Conservative Union Chairman David A. Keene, quote from the Washington Times

“Beware those who cry for war the loudest, for they are those who have never known the horrors of combat.”
Marine Warrant Officer I served with.

President Chuck Hagel?
By: Joe Leonardi

Senator Chuck Hagel has left the door open to enter the Presidential primary free-for-all. The Senator’s non-announcement, announcement not with standing — his record, on most issues, is one I agree with. One glaring disagreement is his record on immigration which, to me, is abysmal. However, his epiphany concerning Iraq demonstrates how reasonable people now look at the war and his opposition to President Bush’s Blunder can influence me to overlook our difference on immigration.

Though I remain excited about Senator Thompson’s possible entry into the presidential primary, with the four year mark of our involvement in Iraq approaching, I think the person to go with may very well be Senator Chuck Hagel. The moment is RIGHT for a Republican who is not afraid to tell the President; enough is enough!

On Dante Scala; a political science professor at Saint Anselm College is quoted as asking “If you’re that dead set against Bush and the war, why wouldn’t you just give to a Democrat? ” Well Mr. Scala, because there are Republicans out here whose brains still function! We want a conservative Republican who has enough sense to question the sending our young men and women to a war zone just because President Bush is too egocentric to admit he made a mistake. We Conservative Republicans are tired of being led by a President who has squandered our trust and faith and has demonstrated that he is not a Ronald Reagan, movement conservative.

I recall an old saying in my Navy days, “Republicans want a large military but don’t want to use it. Democrats want a small military but want to sent it everywhere.” Sound familiar? This is exactly what President Bush has done.

Instead of using his “political capital” to advance conservative ideals and actions, he tossed said capital out the window in a failed effort to get John Bolton confirmed to the U.N. Then, what little capital remained famously went into the Harriet Miers fiasco. No Mr. Scala genuine conservatives, not the neo-cons who have co-opted our party, would welcome a Republican that does more than claim to be a conservative. (just a side note, can you ever imagine a true leader like President Reagan publicly stating he has political capital and now he’s ‘gonna spend it?’ )

There is a misconception that the Republican base strongly supports the president on Iraq. If that were the case Republicans would have held the Senate and the House. The truth is that most middle American Republicans do not support the President’s Iraq policy. I know, I ran for Congress and I met with and talked to over twenty thousand people, most of them Republican. Many angrily bent my ear relating their disgust for President Bush and how they were going to show it by either voting against Senator Rick Santorum or not voting in the Senate race at all. We all saw what happened; former Senator Santorum, is currently a Fox news contributor and Bobby Casey is now Senator Robert Casey.

If the beltway insiders keep ignoring the world outside D.C. and hold steadfast that most Republicans are on President Bush’s side, we are going to loose more than the White House in 2008. Senator Chuck Hagel may be what the Republicans need and perhaps President Charles Hagel can lead Republicans back to conservatism.

Joe Leonardi



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8 responses to “President Chuck Hagel ?

  1. Brett


    I tend to agree with your assessment of ‘neo-cons.’ Have you read Micheal Tanner’s latest book regarding their disruption of the GOP? But what exactly is Mr. Hagel’s position on immigration? Perhaps next to Iraq, viewpoints on immigration strike me as critical to a leader’s plans on the national future? Is Mr. Hagel more apt to extend a ‘hand’ to immigrants or his ‘boot’? I realize order and stability are necessary, but I was just about appalled at the hostility coming from elected leaders last summer during the debate on illegals.

  2. Hi Brett,

    I haven’t read Tanner’s book I will put it on my list.

    I am extremely hard line on the illegal immigration issue so to me Senator Hagel’s immigration stance, is unfortunately, in line with many of our Republicans in the Senate. I am willing to put that to the side on his overall record and perhaps, his candidacy we might get conservatives to run and make inroads into the house and senate. Then together we can find solutions to the immigration issue. We don’t have to agree on every single issue nor every solution, but we need to agree on working towards solutions.

    Senator Hagel’s immigration report card can be viewed here:

    Thank you for your comment and keep up the dialogue.


  3. Mike

    Your absolutely right concerning this problem in the GOP Joe. However, I think there is another (and better) solution: Congressman Ron Paul.

  4. Its great to see a conservative take Bush to the woodshed. I am no conservative by any stretch of the imagination, but I agree with much of what you say here.

  5. bloggernista,

    Thanks for the comment and you have something in common with President Bush, he isn’t a conservative either.

    Keep up the dialogue


  6. I think Hagel is the last hope of the Republican party to extract themselves from the clutches of the radical neo-cons who populate the Bush White House. However, it has taken Hagel YEARS to comprehend that this backlash was coming. He has voted to support each failed Bush policy, over and over. Is he now turning away because he can’t take it any longer or merely because he is a politician who can tell which way the wind was blowing. It’s too damn bad for the real conservatives in this country that Republican leadership was too addicted to their own power than in keeping true to any conservative leadership.

    Has Hagel changed? Really? Like Mike, I will take Ron Paul anyday- a man who stands by his convictions AND Votes accordingly.

  7. Great stuff! Good to see more people backing Hagel!

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