A Republican to vote for!

“After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood.”
Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson

A Republican to vote for!
By: Joe Leonardi

I must admit; this pre-primary season I have been more interested in the Democratic goings on then those of my own party. The current crop of Republican hopefuls just aren’t doing it for me. I wouldn’t donate a dime to any of their campaigns, put a sign in my yard, make a phone call or volunteer thirty seconds of my time for:

Senator John McCain; I voted for the Senator in the 2000 primary. Back in those days John McCain was a straight shooting, tell it like it is maverick. Though conservative, he over-sold his soul to President George W. Bush in hopes of getting his blessing. I used to be a huge John McCain supporter but he lost me.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani; This is the guy I want to, want to vote for. I loved Ruddy as the mayor of New York City. I went to the city many times during the reigns of error of both Koch and Dinkins. Crime ran rampant and I avoided many neighborhoods and sections of the city, especially Times Square. Then came the Ruddy era. Crime dropped, Time Square porn was eradicated and you felt safe walking the streets. On September 11th terrorist struck America. Throughout our greatest tragedy the Mayor of New York led his city with determination and courage. While the President and Vice-president were in undisclosed locations Mayor Giuliani was in the shadow of the towers leading his people. And when the towers crumbled, Ruddy almost got swept away in the rubble. Rudy Giuliani the Mayor is someone we all should respect. Unfortunately I have two problems with the Mayor. First, I am pro life and I’m just not buying the whole “I will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court” spiel. Second, as a conservative with very strong feelings on the second amendment, I would have a great deal of difficulty voting for Rudy. His record on gun control is something that I simply can not over look.

Mitt Romney; I don’t know enough about him and I am really not interested. He just doesn’t spark my curiosity.

Those I could support if they go for it:

Newt Gingrich; Former speaker, leader of the Republican resurgence and author of the Contract with America. The Speaker has been a long time political idol of mine. I had the opportunity to meet him briefly while I was running for Congress. He is politically impressive. My concern about Newt right now; is his lack of decisiveness concerning whether or not he is going to run. When word got out that I was considering a run for Congress, I put together my small group at the time, rented a room and made the announcement. It is one thing to weigh your options, but to be coy for the better part of a year, that I have trouble respecting. I don’t care for fence sitters. If you want to be President Mr. Speaker get off your @$$ and announce.

Now, internet fueled, speculation puts us on notice of another Republican candidate who may be entering the fray. Currently it is just speculation. I have read about him on a few conservative blogs, on line magazines and now on The Hill. Because of all this conjecture and growing comparisons to Ronald Reagan, I decided to check out the former lawyer turned actor, turned Senator, turned actor playing a lawyer. Conservatives perk up, Senator Fred Thompson maybe someone we can vote for without reservation.

I agree with the bulk of Senator Thompson’s voting record. I am aware that even among conservatives we are going to have disagreements however, he appears to be a strong movement conservative. There are also the intangible factors; he has a commanding presence, he is articulate, educated and able to communicate. He appears to be like-able and perhaps most important — he seems — presidential.

Senator Thompson please speak and let yourself be heard, we are listening.

Joe Leonardi



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11 responses to “A Republican to vote for!

  1. Bob

    could you post some info on your wesite about Ron Paul. http://www.ronpaul2008.com

  2. Bob

    Could you post some info on your website about Ron Paul? http://www.ronpaul2008.com

  3. Hi Bob,

    Your comments are approved and on the site…

    Thanks for the comment and keep up the dialogue.


  4. Ron Paul is not making any headway. He’s hovering in the 0 to 1% range. Not worth the time.

    I’m a libertarian and I’m enthusiastically supporting Rudy Giuliani for President.

    Ron Paul thinks the War on Islamo-Fascism isn’t worth fighting. Plus, he’s opposed to Israel

    Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
    US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

  5. A pretty good take on the current field. I love the Fred Thompson quote, it shows he has a sense of humor.

    I didn’t ever consider McCain a straight shooter, he has always been a media whore and has done way too many things to tick me off.

    I too would LOVE to vote for Rudy but like you not sure I can get past the pro-life issue.

    My 2 top choices are Gingrich and Thompson also. I just hope one or both of them become viable candidates so we don’t get stuck with McCain.

  6. Also, Ron Paul doesn’t have a prayer. He was one of the Republican traitors who voted against the surge.

  7. Ron Paul can hardly be accurately discribed as a traitor. Yes, he voted against the troop surge, but one has to question how long we should continue trying to support a nation of people who seem more interested in tribal revenge than living in peace. That said, I disagree much with Paul’s views on the War on Terror, though I like the rest of his stances.

    I find it a shame that right-wing pundits like Sean Hannity are in love with Rudy Giuliani when someone like Duncan Hunter is in the race. Get behind Hunter or wait and see if Thompson enters the race.

    And McCain IS more conservative than Giuliani, espeically on abortion. The problem with McCain is his stance on illegal immigration, but Giuliani is no better on that issue.

  8. Peg C.

    I’m absolutely with Fred if he runs. If he doesn’t, I will vote for either Mitt or Rudy with no enthusiasm. Wild dogs will tear me apart before I vote for McCain, a traitor to conservatism in too many ways to count and way too much of a bud to the Drive- Bys. Ron Paul – get real. Doesn’t have a prayer and yes, 1000% wrong on the GWOT and the surge. No libertarian will ever be elected president.

    As far as Gingrich goes, I cannot believe this 50-50 country will ever elect him. I was a lefty back then and am very conservative now and I still can’t watch or listen to him.

    Fred is conservative, articulate, presidential, has oodles of that ghastly term “gravitas,” and has more charisma than the rest of the field combined. He can write, speak, tell it like it is and not pull punches. There might not be another American politician period who fills the above requirements. His lack of obsession with being liked virtually determines that he will be (as opposed to Bill Clinton, whose compulsion to be liked was and is grotesque and unseemly). Fred is the genuine deal in a business of fakes and snake-oil salesmen. No, he’s not perfect. No one is, so stop looking for perfection.

  9. Paul isn’t quite 100% wrong on the War on Terror if you consider the fact that securing our borders IS part of the war, and he’s much more dedicated to that than the Bush Administration. All the fighting of terrorists overseas won’t do much good if anyone can cross our borders unaccounted for. Hell, while killing the rats across the street we’re leaving the back door open for them to sneak in.

  10. aslinn

    Fred Thompson’s own words.

    “* In the days since Thompson allowed that he was thinking about running for president, his views on abortion have come under scrutiny. Thompson finds the news reports from his first run for Senate perplexing.

    “I have read these accounts and tried to think back 13 years ago as to what may have given rise to them. Although I don’t remember it, I must have said something to someone as I was getting my campaign started that led to a story. Apparently, another story was based upon that story, and then another was based upon that, concluding I was pro-choice.”

    But, he adds: “I was interviewed and rated pro-life by the National Right to Life folks in 1994, and I had a 100 percent voting record on abortion issues while in the Senate.”

    Darla St. Martin, associate executive director of National Right to Life, supports Thompson on those claims. She traveled to Tennessee in 1994 to meet with him. “I interviewed him and on all of the questions I asked him, he opposed abortion,” she told the American Spectator’s Philip Klein.

    Thompson says he thinks Roe v. Wade is bad law and should be overturned, but he says he does not support a Human Life Amendment.”

    From this article.


  11. With the pick of Governor Sara Palin as his running mate, Sen John McCain won me back.

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