By: Joe Leonardi

It is not a big secret that I am a Republican. It is less of a secret
that I am conservative. However, sadly the revolution led by President Reagan has been kicked to the curb in today’s incarnation of the Republican Party. There may be a kinder, gentler way to say it. I’m sure I can put sugar on it and make it more palatable, but why bother? Sugar adds unnecessary calories and it will just diminish the point. So here it is — “The Neo-Conservatives are killing my beloved GOP.”

Back in March 2003 I watched a program highlighting a Neo-Con think tank called “The Project for the New American Century.” This group was made up of, among others, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz. In 1998 this group sent a letter to then President Clinton outlining a plan to remove Saddam Hussein from power. This was not some fringe talk show or some tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut. This was Nightline, hosted by Ted Koppel. More telling was that the words in this story were, on camera, coming right from the horses’ mouths. I listened with amazement as, in an attempt to justify their recommendations, they invoked the name of Ronald Reagan. I tried to remember when I served in the Navy under President Reagan: if he ever made statements like those in this telecast. He didn’t. This was not my GOP and this was not what being conservative was about. Ever since I witnessed this show I have been concerned by the Neo-Con’s takeover of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, nothing that has occurred in the intervening years has lessened my concern.

These “new” conservatives have defined the mainstream perception of conservatism. Perception is reality. The new reality is all Republicans are, whether or not people know the term, Neo-Cons. The real peril for those of us who are conservative is that we are going to lose out to a genuine, raise our taxes until we need the government for everything, liberal. Although entertainment based commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity say liberal as a dirty word, because of the new perceived reality, the American people will not.

There is a politician out there right now who is not only claiming to
be liberal, but is a living, breathing liberal’s liberal. That person is none other than the junior Senator from Illinois, Barak Obama. He is exactly what conservative talk show hosts, pundits and commentators have been discussing for years. He is the embodiment of the political left. Because the Neo-Cons have hijacked the Republican Party, Senator Obama will be viewed as the antithesis to what the new reality defines as conservative.

If the Democrats play it honest the American people will not only
embrace Senator Obama, they will lift him on their shoulders and carry him straight into the Oval Office. If the Democrats run away from the liberal label, they will throw away the single, greatest opportunity they have had to take power in more than a generation. If history is an indicator, thankfully they will not only toss this opportunity into the trash, but they will go ahead and compact it as well.

The first primary election is still a long way off. But after watching
Speaker Pelosi make key leadership errors in the form of Representatives Murtha, Hastings, and Reyes, I wonder if the Democrats will use their mandate from the electorate, or will they open the door for real Conservatives to make a move back into power. If Democrats want to maintain and build on their control in D.C., they must relegate corruption laden officials (i.e. Rep.’s Murtha and Jefferson) to the back burner. They must stop rewarding seniority and longevity and move their freshmen class to the forefront. They must demonstrate their seriousness about riding the Congress of corruption. Of course, this goes against their sense of entitlment to power. These newly elected members won because they were not the establishment. The blind voices from the left choose to ignore the number one reason given for voting Democrat in 2006. The reason was not the war in Iraq, it was corruption. The Dems got the votes, they got control, but the pathetic reality is they don’t know why.

The time is neigh for Conservatives to take back the Republican Party, so then the party of Reagan can take back the Congress and the White House.

Joe Leonardi



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  1. Joe:

    First to endorse, and first to comment. Welcome to the vast network of outposts in cyberspace. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.


  2. A bit behind the curve, but glad to see your site up.


  3. David Thomas

    Mr. Loenardi,
    I am new to this so please be easy on me. I am a Republican, borderline conservative, from North East Ohio (imagine that) and I enjoy your comments on much of what you have written.
    I would first like to say that I agree completely with you comments on warning Conservative Republicans. I wish there was more people talking about that.

    Second, can you explain to me how “conservative” ideas have now become synonymous with “evangelical” ideas? You stated “perception is reality” and the perception is that if you are conservative you are evangelical. When did this happen? I’m Catholic, how can I be conservative?

    Lastly, it is interesting that you talked about Sen. Clinton and Sen Obama. Isn’t that what the Democrats want? Since Sen. McCain looks to be the Republican nominee, how about we talk about where he can take us and what he has done, not who likes Sen. Clinton. That is the Democratic fight, at least for now.

    Again, I enjoy you comments and look forward to reading more.


    David Thomas

  4. Hi David,

    You are a conservative.

    I talk about Sen. Clinton and Sen Obama because that, as a commentator, is what I find interesting. Our primary, to my great dismay, is already set.
    As general election time I will comment more, though I don’t see any way we are going to keep the White House in this election cycle.

    Thanks for the comment and
    Keep up the Dialogue


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