Libby’s Guilty —– Big Deal

“Loose lips sink ships.”
My Boot Camp Company Commander

Libby’s Guilty —– Big Deal
By: Joe Leonardi

I. Lewis Libby, I refuse to call an adult Scooter, has been convicted of perjury, obstruction, and lying . Special prosecutor Fitzgerald has reportedly said that there will be no further indictments, that the investigation is “inactive.”

Well all is right with world, correct? The Democrats and the Left are awash in a celebratory glow, so much so that Senator Harry Reid has decided that the Constitution now gives him the power to tell the President who he can pardon. The Republicans and the Right are overwhelmed with indignant anger; White House spokespersons Limbaugh and Hannity are now convinced the the jurors are all filthy liberals. All of this is just, I hate to say, a disgrace.

I don’t care either way about Lewis Libby. Did he perjure himself ? Did he lie to the FBI? Did he obstruct justice? Maybe, the jury thinks he did, but I don’t care. What bothers me about this entire mess is that a CIA agent was outed. She was most likely exposed for political retribution and this trial and conviction is more of the same. We should be ashamed of all involved.

I served in a branch of Naval Intelligence, and while not an operative, I learned the importance of National Security. I learned the seriousness of protecting intelligence. I also was extremely aware, if not involved in, that the most dangerous off all was HUMINT; human intelligence. Of course, the fact that a person possibly engaged in HUMINT was exposed has been lost in the wake of the trial. I’m sure that the hearing, book and movie deal will reveal all from the Wilson’s side, but for now and through most of this, we have neglected the true tragedy of this saga.

Valerie Plame was an employee of the CIA. At the time of this disclosure there had been claims and speculation that she was or was not covert. The right claims that she wasn’t and the left claims she was. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter what her status was at the time. The simple fact of the matter is, at one time or another, she MAY have been covert. That is what makes her name being disclosed obscene and irresponsible if not possibly treasonous. Intelligence gathering is an ongoing endeavor and in most cases operations rarely cease. They build upon each operation forming layers upon layers.

If Ms. Plame was a covert agent at any time during her service, her status must be protected. Why? Because, any agent who had been affiliated with her through any previous operation can now be at risk. This is common sense. However, in D.C. and the politics of personal destruction this doesn’t matter. Her name and position were given to a prominent CONSERVATIVE columnist, Robert Novak. Mr. Novak subsequently published this tidbit in his column. Novak claims he learned of Plame’s CIA affiliation from Richard Armitage and confirmed it with, I know here was the big surprise, Karl Rove —- shocking. If these two gentlemen didn’t know that it was wrong to give out Valerie Plame’s affiliation they should have been immediately fired and never allowed to serve in government again. The reason, they must be stupid. Not to let Bob Novak off the hook, he should have used reasonable judgment and quashed the story. I don’t know about most people, but I am an American first and it is simply wrong to release something that common sense tells you could be a danger to national security.

Bob Novak is a columnist, commentator and pundit of great renown. If he got scooped on this story it would have done nothing to his reputation, his status or his earning potential. However, to those of us conservatives who genuinely put America first, he has fallen to the level of — Al Franken.

The members of the Silent Service are dedicated individuals who function with little recognition. Their reward is the knowledge that their efforts ensure the safety and security of the United States. These brave agents are well aware that they live in a clouded, mysterious sphere of cloak and dagger activities, though I’m sure they never expected members of their own government to use the dagger on them.

Joe Leonardi



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7 responses to “Libby’s Guilty —– Big Deal


    WOW,what a great article. I don’t know if you’re a reporter or a professional writer or what ever,but all your points make common sense. I remember my 6 years in the US Army,we were always reminded to keep our mouth shut on military matters,especially when we were out drinking in bars in Berlin back in 1962.I’m Democrate,but no matter,I would not want anyone who works spying for us indentity revealed,because think abou it,she may have been a Democrate, but many of her contacts were probabaly Republicans–there-for,we must all work toghether to defeat our common enemy—as my first code of conduct states–“I’m an American Fighting Man,Serving In The Forces That Guard Our Country And Our Way Of Life,And I’m Prepared To Give My Life In Your Defense”—–we should not RAT on each other for Political gain. Bobby PAzo,Key West,Fl.33040

  2. Hi Bobby,

    Thank you for the comment. I am not a professional writer. I ran for Congress because I didn’t like the direction our country was headed.
    And you live in my favorite vacations spot, Key West.

    Keep up the dialogue.


  3. Dave

    I agree; you did a great job with this piece. When I do take the time to read online comments to news stories, the topics seem to always somehow end up as Democrat v. Republican “debate” (pretty much just name calling) or the attack and defense of Christianity. While I don’t think that these posters necessarily constitute an accurate cross section of American citizens and their beliefs, it often scares me to read what they have to say about the news stories that they’ve just read.

    You hit the nail on the head: people would rather draw battle lines and slug it out rather than discuss the actual issue(s) at hand. The problem is magnified by the very nature of politics. Not every single person will agree on everything. Since we tend to think that our particular stances and beliefs have arisen from our own perfectly rational thought, we cannot understand why others disagree with us. The name calling is just around the corner at this point and sadly, that is often the only exchange that occurs from that point on.

    So, as soon as many people identify the political orientation of the person in question, the decision has been made. If the political orientations line up, the person will be praised and defended at all costs. If the opposite is true, they will vilify that person until the end of time. All the while, whatever issue(s) or action(s) were being examined have fallen by the wayside.

    The same is certainly true for politicians and their issues. It’s amazing how fast a party’s members can become fervent supporters of one side of an issue as soon as the other party takes its stance. Once again, little honest debate occurs about the topic in question. And people wonder why progress is so slow*…

    Sorry for the rant and, once again, great job!


    *I say this with one caveat. The founding fathers designed our system of government to purposefully be slow so that sweeping change could not occur overnight. This doesn’t, however, support the notion that every issue has to be polarizing and drawn out.

  4. By outing a covert agent, Novakula “has fallen to the level of — Al Franken”??? WTF???

    Which covert agent, pray tell, has Franken ever betrayed? Dragging Franken down to the level of this disgusting, self-serving, traitorous Novakula is at best dishonest.

    Whether you agree with Franken’s views or not, you must admit his intentions are vastly more honorable, and unlike Novakula, he shows respect for those who serve America, and -oh yeah, one other minor detail- he never outed a covert agent.

  5. NHGranite

    Treason is treason, no matter what the political affiliation. Thanks for bringing us around to the main issue so clearly. What should it matter who got outed, even if it was possibly done by the executive office? But I seem to recall that the president has the right to change a CIA agent’s status and disclose it, no? Which brings up another point – I don’t think it was GW deciding this, I think it was done by the vice-president. That scares me too: future presidents and vice-presidents now have another power precedent set.

  6. Hi NHGranite,

    Since Novak named his source that is the information I was commenting on. I’m not sure if the President can do as you stated, and I wasn’t speculating on who may or may not have come up with the idea. The simple fact, in my opinion, is it should have never happened.

    Can you imagine how Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reilly would have gone off the deep end if this happened under President Clinton?

    Thanks for commenting and keep up the dialogue.


  7. Brian

    Joe, nice piece. Just wanted to say, I’m a progressive liberal, and I like your style 😉

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